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Learn From Your Success(es)

We can learn from our mistakes, but it’s better to learn from our successes”    Donald Trump
As we go along in life, we are (or should be) doing activities that are leading us to where we want to go.  But, along the way, mistakes will be made – not following through on set tasks, allowing fears to rule, or not listening to that little voice inside. These mistakes can feel like defeat and lead one to give up the pursuit of goals and dreams.
I will tell you that it is OK to make mistakes along the way – as long as you are recognizing and learning from them.  The object is not to repeat them.  When you analyze a mistake, or misstep, it can give you the ability to:
1. look at how and why you came to the decision to either move forward or not follow through
2. recognize your style of making decisions, thinking creatively, or your frame of mind
But a more effective step is to look at what you did right during the process.  Recognizing your effective actions will become empowering and lead you to repeat them again and again.  It can lead to you to focusing on your successes as opposed to your perceived failures.  The key is to take this knowledge and rework those steps into more doable and motivating steps so you can succeed from this day forward.  
(Note:  using your visualizations of past successes will embed them more deeply in your mind)
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Good News in the Hiring Department

A new report from CareerBuilder is very encouraging in the way of hiring for the coming year. If you are in job-search mode this is good news. According to their latest results from a survey they did regarding job forecasting, companies are planning to not only hire more but also to do better work in the area of retention and rewards, particularly for high performers (which is why you want to be one).

Here are the areas where hiring is predicted to increase:

  • Customer service—32 percent
  • Information technology—29 percent
  • Sales—27
  • Production—24 percent
  • Administrative—20 percent
  • Marketing—18 percent
  • Business development—16 percent
  • Human resources—16 percent
  • Accounting/finance—15 percent
  • Engineering—13 percent

Forty-two percent of larger companies plan to hire more while twenty seven percent of smaller companies plan to do so. If you work in any of these industries you have more opportunity: healthcare (43%), financial services (46%) or information technology (IT) (44%).  Another fact from the report is good news for high school and college students as 25% of those surveyed stated that they would offer internship opportunities.

Time to dust off that resume and get prepared to apply for your next career opportunity!

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Dealing with Disappointment

So I went to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie last; without giving anything away, I will just say one word – Phenomenal!  Having been around from the beginning, this movie had it all and sets the stage for the next arc in the trilogy.  Today, however, I am seeing a lot of people who are feeling disappointment in the movie; not enough this, not enough that, too much of … It made me reflect on the emotion of disappointment.

To be disappointed is to feel let down by someone or something. But it really goes back to us and our expectations of a person or a situation. We have in our mind of how we want something to go, or somebody to act; this typically is based on our own beliefs and values.  So, when things don’t turn out as planned, we feel let down in some way. The result can be anger, rage, sadness, or a host of other emotions.

I went into the movie with no expectations; it has been 38  years since the first one came out so for me, I relished every moment and didn’t want it to end. I’m baffled, frankly, when I hear some of the negative comments which leads me to believe that their expectations were not met in some way. We’ve all been disappointed in our lives; at times these are minor while others are major let-downs. Here are 3 quick was to deal with disappointment so you don’t go down a negative path:

  1. Recognize the disappointment – when something doesn’t turn out as you hoped, you might feel shut down, sad, anxious, or angry; these are typical emotions we all feel at one time or another so it’s important to be aware of the reason you might be feeling this way. You got made at someone or sad about their actions which elicits an emotion – you must recognize that you were let down by your own expectations which may have nothing to do with that person doing something to you. Rather than questioning why you feel upset, recognize you feel let down in some way
  2. Analyze the disappointment – once you recognize your emotion, it is important to replay it and see both sides of the situation: the person’s thoughts and actions, and possible intent (since we don’t know it for sure). Examine your own thoughts and actions, and perceptions, as well as how you expected or wanted the other person to think, act and behave. This will give you a bigger picture of the situation so you can take your hurt less personally
  3. Reframe and resolve the disappointment – armed with this bigger picture and view of the whole situation and players involved, I think  you will see that your hurt was your own; using empathy to see that the other person was acting in their own way will lead to letting any of the hurts go.  Being aware that the outcome was the result of someone or something not turning out as hoped gives way to dealing with them

We can sometime get so hyped up about a situation that we don’t often add in the possibility it will not turn out that way. The next time you get upset, do a fast check on where the emotion is coming from but where the disappointment comes from, whether from yourself or another. This will lead to looking at all sides and coming from an open framework; the result?  Que sera, sera (‘whatever will be, will be’).

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What’s on My Wish List

I don’t normally make a wish list for Christmas but this year, I am; these are what I would like to see from an organizational and workplace perspective as I think we would be back to having happier employees as well as fiscally sound organizations:

I wish:
1. That leaders of organizations would pay attention to the mental and emotional health of their workers, as the toll is over $650 billion dollars in lost revenue. This money could go to paying high wages or benefits
2. That leaders would be more transformational and use the strengths of their workers to do the work they hire them to do; ‘give a man a fishing pole and he’ll figure out the way to fish’
4. That organizations would develop leaders they put into those roles; just because you’re a good worker does not mean you will be a good leader without some further training or coaching
3. That leaders would also bring happiness back into the workplace, recognizing that when people are happier they will gladly dig in and get the work done
4. That workers will take responsibility for the work they do; it’s not the boss’s, the organizations, or anyone else’s responsibility for what happens in your career – it’s each individuals; paying attention to your career path will lead to more success
5. That the field of organizational behavior (OB) will be promoted more – everything centers around mindset and behaviors so having a deeper understanding of all that goes into OB will go a long way to better awareness and understanding areas, such as communication, conflict management, culture, negotiation, leadership, and motivation; it will also lead to higher performance and better relationships across the board

I have a more but I think these are a start to creating cohesive and more inviting workplaces. I think there are actions from both organizations and workers that need to be done to create the environments people want to be in. It starts with each of us doing out part. Let’s make 2016 a better year  – that’s my wish.

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Are You Planning to Go it Alone in the New Year?

Now that we are just a few weeks away from the ‘ball drop’ to announce the New Year, what is going to change for you? Do you plan to continue on as things have been or would you like to know the secret to having and doing more? Well, here it is: get help.

I think it’s great that we have free will and can do/be anything we want. But there does come a point when we can’t do things on our own, particularly when it comes to moving past the struggles that have dogged us repeatedly. You say you want a new job but haven’t; you say you want a promotion but haven’t; you say you want to finally start that new business, but haven’t. You may have great ideas and intentions but, somehow, they don’t lead to results. And who holds you accountable to get them done?

This is when it is time to reach out and ask for the help you need. A coach (or consultant) can be that help to get you digging deeper into what you truly want, what has been preventing you from doing so, helping you to set really good, manageable goals, and then provide you the accountability until you reach them. Sometimes it can be tough love when you learn that the coach is not a softie  – you say you want something and they are there to make sure you do. Frankly, that why you hire them.

I think being held accountable to someone is a big factor in really getting to work and working the plan you’ve come up with; I myself  have worked with several coach’s and know how beneficial the process is. If you don’t, then you will stay exactly where you are – do you want to be looking back on your career a year from now and find you are in the same place? As Einstein said: “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over but expecting different results. Why not make 2016 your best year yet and partner with an expert who can help you ensure it is.

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Being as Focused as #84

It’s should come as no surprise that I’m a huge football fan; no, that I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steeler’s fan. I bleed black and gold. Today was a great game against the Cincinnati Bengals, our rivals. And what a tough game it was, with both teams pushing and swinging before the game started!

I am always so amazed at how focused players can be, particularly wide receivers when they run down the field and catch the ball in the most inopportune times. The hottest WR now happens to play for my team – # 84 (Antonio Brown). Today was no exception as he caught pass after pass, one of them in the middle of 5 defenders.

The concentration and focus he has is worth mirroring – think of how much you could get done if you never took your eyes off your ‘ball’ – the goals and ideas you have. Think of how much progress and successes you could have if you disciplined yourself enough.

One technique professional athletes use is that of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which utilizes your senses in stopping or starting habits. Our visual field is the most powerful we have; anything we create in the mind can be achieved if we played the ‘movie’ over and over again. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. Number 84 visualizes himself running and catching the football and in all types of plays; Michael Phelps uses this as well. If it works for them it can work for you, too.

  • Start small on a goal or an idea you would like to be successful at; write it down in great detail, leaving nothing out
  • Take some time where you are away from distractions, perhaps in a quiet room inside your house or a place outside – anyplace that you feel comfortable and that allows you to feel relaxed. Put on some music or light some candles if you like
  • Now, visualize the goals or scenario you wrote down. See the environment you’re in, other people involved, what you are wearing, and the final outcome. Allow yourself to also feel the emotions that go along with your ‘movie’ as this will make those scenes more intense which imprint in the brain

The more you visualize, the better you become in recreating the scenario which then becomes actionable. You will have more success when you do take action. Remember, the more you do, the better you become. We won today, keeping our playoff hopes alive. A seventh ring would be sweet!

If you’d like help using NLP and moving forward on your goals, contact us today for your Complementary Discovery Session to get started:


Hate Writing – Time to Rethink It

As a professor who teaches online, there is a lot of writing during these type of classes. If you’re not familiar, the online classroom is structured in that the way I get to know if a student is mastering the material is through their writing.

Typically, there are two discussion questions each week along with case study papers, an article review and a major research paper. While most students are okay with this format, there a also a handful who don’t see the value and do the minimum work or complain. They don’t see the point.

My response to them, and to anyone who is working now, that the writing skills you develop will take you far in your career and life. Writing is a critical skill in the workplace – writing reports, proposals, and even emails. I have students – working adults – who have reported back to me great results from their writing experience, one who was able to secure her company a $2 million dollar contract.

If you are taking coursework towards a degree, then I urge you to really put your heart and effort into the assignments you are given; look at the material from an employer’s standpoint: be an analyzer and a problem-solver. Think: “How does this concept apply to my work and what can I do about it?” This helps to think more critically, which is a value-add on, while making the writing easier as you put your analysis on paper.

If you’re not in school, look at free classes through your employer, adult education classes or online. There are a plethora of books you can find at the library or book store to get you started. The more you write, the better you become, but it does take the mindset of looking at the benefits versus any negative thoughts. Keep the end-user/reader in mind as this also keeps the motivation and the words flowing. Want to convey your value to an employer? Then write on!

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