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Up Your Attitude and Be in the 99%

“Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude” (Author, Unknown).

I love quotes and use them on a daily basis, not only for myself but to inspire others.   I gauge my attitude on a daily basis and work – yes, work – to ensure that I am having a positive one.  This ensures that I am thinking and feeling positive, planning out my day and focusing on my goals and activities that will lead me to where I aim to be.  Notice I did not say ‘go.’  We need to focus on the end goal of where we want our life to turn out, such as your career, your business, your finances, and the like.   Thinking, and then visualizing, the outcome can ensure it’s occurrence as it can keep us excited so we work to attain it.  It does take effort – consistent actions – to reach our goals and desires; if we are working towards the right ones, they should elicit excitement and focused intent and we will do whatever it takes to get them.

Our attitude can determine our success if we adapt a positive outlook for whatever it is we are doing.   A recent article i recently read, titled, “Hire for Attitude, Teach for Skills” argued this point, stating that if an employee has a good attitude, they can acclimate to the work environment and hone their skills needed for the job.  It is not always easy to keep one’s outlook and attitude up all the time but there are  ways to begin; by continually implementing these suggestions you can develop good habits and a good attitude:

1.  Decide to change any negative thoughts or patterns now

2.  Map out what you do want, by using a vision board or a mind map

3. Write out on a post-it note, or an index card, phrases or words that make you feel happy or excited

4. Focus on these tools morning and night; repeat them and see the pictures in your mind

5. Be consistent – do these on a daily basis and be in the 99%

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