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What High Performers Do on Sunday to Get Ready for the Week Ahead

Today is Sunday, the day which has been known as ‘the day of rest.’ Back in the days, this was a day of family and taking it easy and doing fun activities. Minimal stores were open, forcing the family to be together. This practice helped workers to get prepared for the work they did in the following week.

High Performers know they need to step back from their ‘busyness’ and get organized and prepared for what may lie ahead. They take time to create good activities, which then become good habits, which will allow them to relax, rest, re-up their motivation, and have good systems in place so they don’t have to think of what they should do to step back. Sir Richard Branson and leadership expert, John Maxwell, all have their own practices in place – if you want to be a high performer, wouldn’t you want to do what the experts do and create more success in your life?

Here are some suggestions to get your creative ‘juices’ flowing:

  • stretch – this is a great way to relax and let go of negative energy, particularly before you get out of bed
  • gratitude – being thankful for what you have changes one’s outlook and being more positive
  • journaling – writing down thoughts and feelings to release and make sense of them, as well as capturing situations that occurred in your day, is a great way to reframe negatives we perceive and reframe them to so we feel more in control
  • clean – as much as we may not like it, cleaning is a great way to get rid of clutter, germs and negative energy
  • spending time with family and friends – bonding is important to our soul
  • hobbies and fun activities – engaging in fun activities, or our passions, stimulate our creative brain, which elevate our happiness
  • review our past week – this a great way to see how much you actually got done, what needs to be done, and what needs to taken forward
  • set goals for the week  – the best way to hit the ground running, which high performers do, is to know which direction to take to maximize your energy and productivity. You will know exactly what needs to be done and when
  • affirmations – the way you talk to yourself is either uplifitng or depleting so lifting yourself through the use of small, short sentences is a great motivator and esteem-builder (I am great, I am accomplished, I’m a wonderful speaker/boss/mother, etc.)






Using Outside Projects to Enhance Your Career

Do you ever wonder how you can increase your skill-set or knowledge base at work? Do you ever wonder how you can get extra experience so you can move to another level in your career path? Ever feel frustrated that you’re not getting recognized for the work you currently do?

One of the best ways to get positive answers to these questions is to find an outside work-related project which relates to what you are currently doing and/or involves skills that complement and grow your current skills. If you took on an outside project, such as through volunteering or freelancing, you would enhance your skills and get needed experience.

For example, you might work in a call center but wish to move into the training field, you’ve been told you don’t have enough experience.You’ve helped others acclimate to their job or job tasks – essentially training – and would like to do this full-time but you don’t see anyway to move into a training position.

If you got involved and sought out opportunities, it would give you the needed skills as well as experience. It is an enhancement to what you are currently doing and will give you not just experience but confidence and mastery of the skills you want to move into. Another example is leadership, which a lot of workers aspire to; if you can look at the big picture that organizations don’t just need leaders, they need great leaders which does not come easily to the mass majority. Determining a leader style and finding ways to hone those skills will get you noticed to move into a leader position.

Taking the initiative and focusing on your professional development will reap you great rewards. Some ideas to find outside projects include:

  • Professional Organizations – these offer many opportunities to get involved by volunteering for committees or taking on leadership roles on the Board. Some positions to consider: Officer level, steering committees, membership/welcoming committees (for new members), special interest groups, education committee.
  • Community Organizations – these include: Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, Girls/Boy Clubs, Girl/Boy Scouts, American Cancer Society, etc. These are great ways to serve your community, network, and gain valuable experience – and network connections – that can make a difference and be an enhancement to your career
  • Freelancing – there are numerous cites to find freelance work, which basically means you work on a project for a fee. You could do work for a friend, a nonprofit or small business, or sites such as,,
  • Family/friends – offer to help out someone you know with something they’ve wanted to take on; teach them how to set up a social media site, or write a blog article for them.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started thinking of how you can leverage your skills and talents and that will enhance your the work you do. Having an end-goal in mind, i.e. the benefit you will get, will keep you focused and motivated and translate into the work you do.


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