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What People Earn- Next Edition

As I’ve done the past five years, I love sharing the latest ways that people are making money these days. These are profiled in Parade Magazine (2017) and some are truly inspiring – this year is no different.

I think I look forward to this edition of the magazine is the creative ways that people are earning money, the amount of money some are earning, and they show that money is not always the end-result for the work one does. This year’s surprise, for me, was the addition of younger people making their mark and earning great income.

So here are some ways people are making their mark in the work-world:

  • a make-up artist, age 30, from Chicago makes $65,000 – she “loves helping women feel good”
  • a poker dealer from Baltimore earns $50,000
  • A 26-year old marine engineer in Connecticut, who gets paid to ‘diagnose, trouble shoot and fix machinery, makes $148,000
  • A 23-year old NY hand model earns $10,000 holding ‘everything from phones to pineapples
  • A California-based romance novel model earns $40,000, having been on over 500 covers
  • A 26-year old Etsy shop owner earns $62,000
  • A New Hampshire CEO of his own cybersecurity earns $150,000
  • A 30-year old LA YouTuber earns over $5million, which led to her own Netflix show
  • A trainer and program consultant for end-of-life counselors earns $58,000, with a goal to “bring deeper meaning and comfort to families”
  • A 24-year-old data scientist earns $100,000 to ‘bring meaning to data’
  • A 67-year old cast member in California earns $9,200, saying ‘the best part of the job are the people and stories
  • A female commercial fisherwoman makes over $100,000
  • An Oregon wine-maker/owner earns $250,000 and wants to ‘dispel the myth that wine is only for the elite’
  • A 23-year old long-haul truck drive, wanting to debunk the idea that women can’t drive a truck or do the hard labor, earns $65,000
  • An LA-based professional organizer and interior stylist earns $135,000
  • A Georgia cuckoo clock designer earns $0 but has ‘the vision to reinvent cuckoo clocks with an American aesthetic’ – she puts all savings and profits into the company and inventory                 (Parade Magazine 2017)

I love seeing the diversity of the work people are doing and the money they are making; but what impresses me is ‘why’ they are doing the work they do. They all have visions and are meaning and passion in the work we do. There were 2 million jobs added in 2016, with 7.2 million more predicted to be added in the next five years (Parade Magazine, 2017), which is great news. Finding jobs that will enhances and fulfills you should be the goal. Hopefully, you’ve gotten inspiration from these examples, as I have and will go and find/do your best work.

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Finding Your Career’Sweet Spot’

If you’re finding yourself questioning if you are in the right job or career, or perhaps you might just be starting out, then isn’t it time you figured it out? What is holding you back from making a decision – is it fear of disappointing someone (i.e. a parent or other family member, or yourself), fear of failing or not ‘making it,’ or an inability to fail? These are the three main reasons people don’t make a choice, although recognizing there are other circumstances.

Being afraid  won’t get you anywhere but where you are now, and the would, coulda, shoulda’s will eat you alive. Disappointing someone may not ever happen – you’re not a mind-reader; usually, the person won’t be as disappointed as if you never taking a stand. Failing is not the first choice we’d have but it happens; learning and living through is what gets us the end. I always am reminded of J. K Rowlings, of Harry Potter fame, who was rejected 12 times, while grieving the death of her mother, a failed marriage, and having to raise her daughter on her own.

She’s says of failure: “Failure meant a stripping way of the inessential….and I began to direct all my energies into finishing the only work that mattered to me.” Just like Ms. Rowlings, you can also push through and find the ‘sweet spot’ of your career and do the work that matters to you; this is the place that is an intersection between:

  1. What I like to do
  2. What I am good at
  3. Who will pay me (Wall, 2016)

It is when interests and abilities combine with job opportunities that are a match. Answering the three questions in depth, meaning you don’t leave any interest, skills, or abilities out as you never know themes that may emerge that you may ignore or attribute to ‘just coming naturally.’ The answers are the key to job satisfaction which then leads to higher involvement and performance.  If you are unsure of your career direction, the answers to the three questions above can be the way to find out; if you are in a job or career you enjoy, they will lend validation to your current choice. Taken control of your career now before it controls you by finding your career success.

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Making a Decision on Your Career Path (finally!)

In today’s world of work, finding and knowing your career path is essential; it can bring you clarity, motivation and satisfaction all of which lead to happiness in your life.  Having more fulfillment can bring make your days filled with fulfilling work, you will be engaged and feel more competent and promotions and money can follow.  But if deciding and being committed to a career path is so positive and rewarding, why is that so many people have such a hard time making a decision on which path to go?

Career options seem so elusive these days; alot of jobs that may bring one passion are being pushed aside it seems in favor of more lucrative ones; the internet and technological advances have replaced some career paths and it seems the preference of employers focuses more on fields in the STEM careers.  Hiring practices are slower and preferences for candidates is of a higher caliber which is taking a lot of people out of the market, either by chance or by choice  But hope is not lost – it is possible to find a job but with the right focus and strategy.  Often, that starts with jumping off the fence and making a decision on which path to go.  But, before you do, career exploration is a must:

  1. Do your homework – if you have some idea of what you want to do for work, you need to research everything you can find about that particular position, including the job tasks, needed skills and education, and salary ranges; you can google just about anything and find it so look at the results that come up and go to those sites. Look for industry-specific sites and delve into them. Go talk to people who may be in that particular field and see if they are willing to have a short talk with you so you can learn more about their particular job tasks and how their days go, both good and bad.
  2. Explore and asses your skills, talents, abilities and experience to see if they match up against the criteria you uncovered; compare and contrast to see what you may be lacking and write out what you will need to do to go about getting it.  Plan out a time-line that it would take you to obtain that position and determine what you are willing to do to get it
  3. In order to be fully satisfied with your work you need to be in an environment where you can thrive, so another step in career exploration is to do due-diligence on both the industry and companies that hire for that position; this will help you to learn if your path will lead to the ‘pot of gold’ or to a dead end as far as career advancement opportunities and wages.  This step can also help you find the ‘right’ organization that will align with all you stand for.

Once you are armed with all this information, you should now be able to make a more informed and ‘correct’ decision that you can live with.  You can either stay on the fence and get what you get or you can take precise steps to get what you want – it starts with a decision.



Another Inspitational Career Story – but on Dancing With the Stars?

If you watch Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) and saw last night’s elimination episode, then you saw one of the most inspirational stories.  It is one I think that many people could learn a lesson from, and that this lesson would, hopefully, inspire them to go and pursue their life work no matter what it takes.

DWTS often profiles a dancer who has overcome some life adversity, and dance is their outlet to help them heal as well as being a vehicle for their career path.  Last night’s dancer was a young 18 year old from Harlem, whose style was tap dancing. As a former tap dancer, I know this is harder than one might think.  His story was so compelling – he grew up in Harlem and started tap dancing to get away from the gang life; he found he was good at it and enjoyed it so much tht he enrolled in one of the artistic schools. However, he needed money to attend. So what this young man did was go into the subways, put on his dancing shoes, and tap dance.  And he did this daily throughout his school year where he  raised the money so he could stay and finish out his school.

And look where he landed – on Dancing With the Stars!  In his interview, this young man stated that he was not going to let anything stop him from achieving his dreams of dancing professionally; that he believed in himself and his dream enough, which is what keeps him going.

How many people can learn from this?  Taking your passion,  and your drive from that passion, will keep you focused on your goal and you will work hard to get what you want.  Setting a goal for your career that is born of your passion will allow your natural born skills and abilities to shine and you will want to find the job where they will be utilized and valued.

So the next time you feel that it is “hard out there”, keep this young tap dancer in mind who has let nothing stop him.   Take your cue from him to set your career goal, to have determination, and to find creative ways to go about getting it.  As they say, “life is a dance” – so keep on dancing!


Do You REALLY Know What You Want?

So many people today seem to be looking for something better – a better job, better relationships or an improvement in their outlook on life.  While I think that this quest to self-improve is phenomenal and needed (we all need to grow daily or else we will become stagnant and miserable), if you don’t know what it is that you truly want it will not happen.  You will stay stuck in your reality of lack of, as opposed to what is or can be.

I find that a good majority of clients who come to me seek out my services due to feelings of frustration and unhappiness in their current situation.  Some can say with clarity the circumstances that have led to these feelings, such as feeling overwhelmed at work or worried about their poor finances.  Other clients can’t even get that far; they just know that they don’t like where they are in their life and want something to change.

While recognition is the first key, the real problem is that they are focusing on what they don’t have and not on what they want which, sadly, when questioned, they can’t answer.   Why is it that we are very clear on what we don’t want but not on what we do?  Part of that is how our brains function and living in our reptilian brain with those unconscious thoughts and beliefs.   I find that some people are afraid to bring their unconscious thoughts to the surface and say what their wants and desires are, mainly out of fear that they won”t come true or that they don’t deserve them.  They push their big wants down and won’t even allow the words to come out!

This is against one of the rules of the Law of Attraction; focusing on what you don’t want only reinforces that negative thought.  The more you believe that negative thought, and reinforce it, the truer it  will become.  Going with the LOA, the more you focus on positive thoughts the truer they become.  But it all starts with knowing exactly what you want for your career or for any area of your life.  The clearer you are, the easier it will be for your brain to wrap itself around that thought; the path will become clearer and you will become more motivated to pursue those desires.

Getting clear on what you really want does not have to be as difficult as most people think:

  • Give yourself permission to think big in your wants and desires – when you keep your desires hidden, the brain cannot understand what it is that you want and your focus will be on the negative feelings you then have from this lack of acknowledgement
  • Acknowledge these ‘wants’ – bring them to the surface; write them, say them, tell others about them.  When your desires are in awareness, they become more tangible to pursue
  • List them – since most awareness in these situations tends to focus on what you don’t want, make a list of all your “Don’t Want” on one side of a sheet of paper; your areas could include career, relationships, finances, health, household, children or personal development
  • Reframe them- you must alter your brain to focus more on positive thoughts, which can be done by the words you use that are more action-oriented.  On the other side of  the “Don’t Want” list, write “What I Do Want” and then reframe your “don’t” into “do’s”; use words like ‘can’, ‘will’, or ‘choose’. Somehow the brain understands these words and envelops around them and becomes more positive-focused
  • Reinforce them – it is vital to keep reinforcing all positive thoughts and actions so that they become a habit, as opposed to keeping in negative ones.  New habits don’t occur overnight so it is essential that you keep repeating these new positive thoughts daily

If you have been stuck in finding what you really want in your career or in your life, I encourage you to follow these steps so you can go after your desires.  You can either stay where you are now or you can begin to have the life you want; remember, the choice is your to make.

Focusing Only on the Money Won’t Get You a Job

I see it over and over again – job seekers feeling confused and frustrated that they can’t find a job because they are only focusing on the money they will make.  While pay and benefits are important, they are not the only factors to consider when searching for a job.  You have to think about the sacrifices you will have to make, not to mention the workload and stress, that come along with high-paying jobs.  If your values and lifestyle do not mesh or you are not willing to do the work that is necessary then you will need to re-focus on finding a position that will fit and the look to see how you can set goals for how you will get there.

I once talked to a young man who is 29 years old and had worked his way up to the manager of a major, large retail chain.  He was preparing to interview for a district manager position and I have no doubt that he got the position.  In realizing his success, this young man was very focused on his career path and had taken the steps necessary to get where he was.   He reported that he had set career goals for himself at a very young age, 18, when he started working for the company and wanted to progress every two years; he would move into the “next step” and learn all he could so he was prepared for the next position.  While income was important to this young man, he felt that the learning and self-development opportunities were invaluable and motivating, as well as the ability to develop his employees to also move into management positions.

I think a good lesson can be learned from this story.   If you focus on your reasons for wanting to pursue your career path, aligning with your values, and setting clear goals for yourself can get you to the right job opportunity that can make you happy.  It will give you the purpose and the passion to work hard.  In time, the money will come!

The Top 20 Growth Occupations

I saw this article on the net and thought it was worthy to pass on.   Some of you may be unsure about your future – perhaps you are looking for work or are unsatisfied with your current job and may be looking to either go back to school or change careers.  Maybe these predictions of the top 20 growth occupations between now and 2018 will help you to make the “leap” (and give you hope for the future):

  1. Biomedical engineers – 72% increase,  11,600 jobs
  2. Network systems and data communication analysts – 53% increase,  155,800 jobs
  3. Home health aides – 50% increase, 460,900 jobs
  4. Personal and home care aides – 46% increase,  375,800 jobs
  5. Financial examiners – 41% increase, 11,100 jobs
  6. Medical scientists (except epidemiologists) – 40% increase,  44,200 jobs
  7. Physician assistants – 39% increase, 29,200 jobs
  8. Skin care specialists – 38% increase, $14,700 jobs
  9. Biochemists and biophysicists – 37% increase, 8,700 jobs
  10. Athletic trainers – 37% increase, 6,00 jobs
  11. Physical therapist aides – 36% increase, 16,700 jobs
  12. Dental hygienists – 36% increase, 62,900 jobs
  13. Veterinary technologists and technicians – 36% increase, 28,500 jobs
  14. Dental asssitants – 36% increase, 105,600 jobs
  15. Computer software engineers, applications – 34% increase, 175,100 jobs
  16. Medical assistants – 34% increase, 163,900 jobs
  17. Physical therapy assistants – 33% increase, 21,200 jobs
  18. Veterinarians – 33% increase, 19,700 jobs
  19. Self-enrichment education teachers – 32% increase, 81,300 jobs
  20. Compliance officers (except agriculture, construction, health & safety, and transportation) – 31%, 80,800 increase
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