What People Earn- Next Edition

As I’ve done the past five years, I love sharing the latest ways that people are making money these days. These are profiled in Parade Magazine (2017) and some are truly inspiring – this year is no different.

I think I look forward to this edition of the magazine is the creative ways that people are earning money, the amount of money some are earning, and they show that money is not always the end-result for the work one does. This year’s surprise, for me, was the addition of younger people making their mark and earning great income.

So here are some ways people are making their mark in the work-world:

  • a make-up artist, age 30, from Chicago makes $65,000 – she “loves helping women feel good”
  • a poker dealer from Baltimore earns $50,000
  • A 26-year old marine engineer in Connecticut, who gets paid to ‘diagnose, trouble shoot and fix machinery, makes $148,000
  • A 23-year old NY hand model earns $10,000 holding ‘everything from phones to pineapples
  • A California-based romance novel model earns $40,000, having been on over 500 covers
  • A 26-year old Etsy shop owner earns $62,000
  • A New Hampshire CEO of his own cybersecurity earns $150,000
  • A 30-year old LA YouTuber earns over $5million, which led to her own Netflix show
  • A trainer and program consultant for end-of-life counselors earns $58,000, with a goal to “bring deeper meaning and comfort to families”
  • A 24-year-old data scientist earns $100,000 to ‘bring meaning to data’
  • A 67-year old cast member in California earns $9,200, saying ‘the best part of the job are the people and stories
  • A female commercial fisherwoman makes over $100,000
  • An Oregon wine-maker/owner earns $250,000 and wants to ‘dispel the myth that wine is only for the elite’
  • A 23-year old long-haul truck drive, wanting to debunk the idea that women can’t drive a truck or do the hard labor, earns $65,000
  • An LA-based professional organizer and interior stylist earns $135,000
  • A Georgia cuckoo clock designer earns $0 but has ‘the vision to reinvent cuckoo clocks with an American aesthetic’ – she puts all savings and profits into the company and inventory                 (Parade Magazine 2017)

I love seeing the diversity of the work people are doing and the money they are making; but what impresses me is ‘why’ they are doing the work they do. They all have visions and are meaning and passion in the work we do. There were 2 million jobs added in 2016, with 7.2 million more predicted to be added in the next five years (Parade Magazine, 2017), which is great news. Finding jobs that will enhances and fulfills you should be the goal. Hopefully, you’ve gotten inspiration from these examples, as I have and will go and find/do your best work.

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