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Two Examples of Career Passion – A Lesson to Follow

If you have been following me or know me personally, you are aware that I spend a lot of time at Universal Studios here in Orlando.  It is Mardi Gras time which is probably my favorite time to go to the park.  The atmosphere is energized and the activities are awesome – which includes bands & festivities, the headliner concerts and the Mardi Gras parade.

This past weekend, I went both days and saw the Steve Miller Band and Boys Like Girls in concert; they both put on one heck of a show even though our temperature was cold.  The performers braved the weather, which was admirable as most are scantily clad in costumes; the band from New Orleans got the crowd (and me) moving and dancing.  The parade floats are eye-dropping and I came home with way too many beads, as did most of the crowd.

What really struck me was the passion and happiness that was displayed by the drummers of two bands.  I was amazed by how happy and into their performance they both were; the look of joy was written all over their faces which were prominently displayed on the jumbo screens.  Seeing their passions sparked excitement in me and led me to be more engaged with their music and performance.  I thought, how lucky they are to be able to take their passion to do what they love and get paid for it; they are living their dream!

The lesson to learn is to follow your passion – take the activity that you love and purpose avenues that will benefit others and lead to an income for you.  It takes developing a plan, becoming an expert in that activity, and then networking and connecting with people who can help you to become established.  Taking massive action is key; successful people keep the passion in front of them at all times and don’t let adversity stand in their way, which can include ‘naysayers.’  Feeling passionate about your chosen career path will show in your skills and performance and it won’t feel like work, so your satisfaction increases as well.  Take a cue from these two drummers and follow your passions – your career will know no limits and success will result.

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