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Are You Resisting Moving Your Business Forward? Solutions to Help

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed or inactive in moving your business forward? You know, you have marketing tasks to do, phone calls to make or people to network with but you find yourself sitting and staring at the empty ‘to do’ list or the phone.

I know I have those moments when I feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. After all, we are in the last quarter of the year, which means it’s time to ‘pour it on’ and end the year on a high note, while planning for being great in the new year.

It can feel rather overwhelming, or downright frightening, for which is the correct way to go that will result in new clients and increased sales. Here are some tips that I use to move me out the ‘fear zone’ and taking it slow and steady ( i.e. the Kaizen way):

  1. practice mindfulness – when I have those frustrating moments, I work on sitting in silence, taking some deep breaths, going outside, listening to some happy music and the like; refocusing on self-care practices helps to bring calm during stress-filled times
  2. make lists – I find that writing down all the tasks on my plate is the best way to move past any resistance – after all, you can’t resist what you don’t know. Taking paper and writing all tasks for each area of your business (or life) that need done, such as writing articles, creating products, finding speaking engagements, your calendar, finances, etc. will lead to prioritizing, or letting go, of each task, with dates attached
  3. get help – one of the hardest things to do in your business is recognizing that you can’t do it all and asking for help. This can include: a business coach, a mastermind group, a mentor, a social media or branding expert, or a virtual assistant. Another list to make is to write down the tasks that need done and then marking what tasks you love to do or absolutely need to do, which leaves the rest to outsource
  4. scheduling – one of the best ways to feel on track is to have a calendar or schedule for when tasks need to be done or completed; I find working backwards helps with planning as well as coming up with all of the steps, money, people, etc. I need to include. With this system, there is no worry about when things need to get done as they’ve already been planned
  5. just start – moving past resistance does include knowing what is the blockage but often it is something that has been there for while – fearful thoughts, anyone? – so taking a deep-dive and starting will move you past any resistant feelings. This can look like ‘eating the frog’ and doing the hardest thing first or starting with the task that creates the least resistance and moving forward. Any action that is recognized is one that increases confidence and banishes any fears

I well-know how frustrating it can be to want to grow our business but feeling stuck – it doesn’t have to stay; following the steps above will give you the push you need. You can move past any resistance and have the business you desire. I believe you in you!

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How Do You Know You’re Ready to Go Out on Your Own?

Not long ago, I had a client who was feeling very frustrated and burned out by their job; they felt as if they were putting in a lot of effort but not getting the recognition, pay or promotional opportunities they would have liked.  This was someone who had many years of experience, the last few at a high level.  In exploring their needs and where they wanted to go, I questioned why they were not going out on their own and working as a consultant/contractor as it seemed that their wants were not going to get realized, at least for several more years; their level of stress was not going anywhere if they stayed where they are now.

The response I got from my client is not one I haven’t heard before: “I don’t think I’m ready – I need at least one more job before I go out on my own.”  While I can respect this thought, I always get flabbergasted by this thought process; this, to me, speaks more about one’s ability to be a big thinker and to trust in their abilities.  If the workplace is not giving you what you want, and you honestly believe there are no other ways that you can change the situation, then my question to you is, “When will you know your are ready to go out on your own?”  What will it take for you to be able to answer the question and how soon do you want the answer?

If things are not moving ahead for you career-wise, either you are not getting more desirable projects or not getting promotions, then I think you need to explore – notice I did not say do – your options for going out and creating a  business where you can offer the services you are doing in your current position.  For example, I talk to a lot of business analysts, HR personnel, and managers who could easily take their skills and experiences to help others while monetizing their services.  It starts with a business and marketing plan, a focus and some dedication to get started and there are numerous ways to market these services, which I won’t go into now.

If you are struggling with making the decision to venture out on your own, or to stay in your current job (or find a new one), here are some suggestions to help you in your decision-making:

  1. Is my current job fulfilling my needs and utilizes my skills, experiences, talents, passions?  If not, are there ways I can learn to fall in love  with my job again (there are)?
  2. If I did go out on my own, what needs would my skills, abilities, etc. help others?  What type of problems do I hear and what solutions can I offer?
  3. Who would be my ideal client, i.e. who would I market my services to and in what ways?
  4. What investment would I need to make to begin my business (low) and how many clients/services/products would I need to sell to comfortably live on? What opportunities are there to expand a business or to partner with others?
  5. Am I willing to take a risk (you can always go back to a job) and invest in myself?  Will this fulfill my need to make a difference and advance me in my career?

If your current job is not providing you with opportunities and new skills/experiences, and only gives you frustration and stress, then it is probably time to explore going out on your own.  It is scary – I know – but you can either stay where you are now and get what you get or you can begin exploring your next career.  I would venture to say that you are more ready than you know.

Find Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

In this age of layoffs and rampant unemployment, one option is to start your own venture.  I believe that everyone has their own talents and skills that can be transferred into services that people want and need.  I think there are people out there who have the creativity and adeptness at making new ideas into reality.  With more people continuing to be unemployed, this is the perfect time for people to leverage their all their skills, talents, creativity and know-how into their own business.  There are plenty of job sites where people can freelance their services.  There are programs out there to get training, some for cheap or free.  There are plenty of teleseminars you can access on the net to learn and get ideas for what other people are doing that one can make their own.  I question why would someone want to remain out of work when you have skills and experiences that could turn into a service or product that people want and need.   I read a story today that referenced a woman in Florida who was an administrative assistant in a past life before she was laid off; she has sent hundreds of resumes with no luck.  I don’t know why she has not looked at becoming a Virtual Assistant and using all her administrative talents to help small business owners – I could use one!

As a career coach, I see the pain that some people are going through – the blockages created in their own mind.  I enjoy helping people to uncover their strengths and see the potentials that await them.  Of course, there are some people who do “better” in an office environment; out economy wouldn’t survive without them.  And then there are people who can’t handle being their own boss.  I don’t think they’re “lost”.  They just need the right tools – opening up their mind to the potentials, banishing the negative thoughts and self-talk,  and having the right resources – to bring services to people who need them and increase our financial economy.  I believe that should be a message given to people.  Organizations would help themselves, as well as those employees that are being laid off, by providing, or encouraging them, the services of a career coach who could help them prevent the discouraging feelings, help them uncover skills and how to leverage them, tap into effective coping skills, and help them navigate their job search.  If anything, we would have emotionally stronger individuals who will come out on the positive side of this downturn.

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