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You are appreciated for the work you do, whether you know it or not. Just as we need to focus on the end-user of our work, we need to be mindful that the end user is thinking of you – when they use the goods and services you produce, they are appreciative of the person who was responsible.

You may not know always know this but when a client (or customer) returns to your business or organization for what you offer, they are showing their appreciation through their actions.  Appreciation can be shown in different way – it’s not always through words and it’s not always transparent.  But  I don’t think many workers keep this aspect of appreciation in mind, just as I don’t think a lot think of their end-user, when performing work functions.

Doing so would make the work more memorable and pleasurable as there is a larger purpose to the work we do. As a small business owner, I’ve been schooled to keep the pain point of my ideal client in mind and help to satisfy their need through my programs and services. For those who work in a job, this is great advice to be cognizant of,  as well.

Keeping this in mind would give you a purpose for the work  you do, and not just for the paycheck. It would make going to work more enjoyable when you remember that  you are making a difference in someone’s life. We don’t always need to hear this but need to keep in mind that we are, in fact, appreciated in a bigger realm.

How appreciative you are when you get up to the alarm clock, when you get in the car you drive, or when you answer your cell phone? Someone was responsible for the production of them. Thank the person who did – they may not hear it but you will feel better; it’s the paying forward that matters. It alters our perspective to a bigger realm which leads to more satisfaction, more productivity in our work, and just being a better human being all-around.

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Giving In or Going Up in Your Work

Have you ever faced a difficult situation at your work and felt like giving in, or throwing in the towel as they say? You go in day-after-day, doing what you believe is your best work but seem to not get the recognition or results you had hoped for. You might be having some type of conflict with your boss or coworker that doesn’t seem to be resolving. And no matter how hard you believe you are trying, you just can’t take it anymore.So you, essentially, give up.

In doing so, you now become more passive and live in drudgery. Eventually, you have trouble getting up to go to that job and now find yourself saying the words, “I hate my job.” And this goes on and on and on. Perhaps you are in a burnout phase and don’t recognize it until your emotional and physical health suffers. If this is you – and I have coached ALOT of people who are in this predicament – how much longer will you go on like this?

Of course, only you can decide but as your coach today, I implore you to make the decision to stop and reverse this behavior. No one should have to live in misery, particularly when it is self-inflicted. Making that decision is your first step to emotional freedom, which leads to re-engagement in your work; your attitude and performance will increase. You will be going up and not giving in.

You will take back the control you feel is lost and become the CEO of your work. Taking personal responsibility is another key step to going up; this is when you reframe your thinking to what you like about your work and then identifying your best skills to get that work done. All of this leads to self-empowerment and more satisfaction. Those conflicts you might be having can resolve as your attitude changes and your happiness returns. Happy attracts happy.

When you spend 70% of your time in your work, you deserve to be your best. Making the decision to do so, taking personal responsibility for all you do, and focusing on using your best skills are the keys to going up. You might not get that promotion or recognition but you will have more self-fulfillment and satisfaction. So give in on the negative and go up to a more positive, fulfilled career.

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