Happy Freedom Day!

As we celebrate this 4th of July, let's celebrate the freedoms we have to do what we want, go where we want, and have the career we want. We have choice. Let's also be thankful to the men and women who have served for those freedoms, both now and past. Hope you enjoy your day!

Happy New Year!

Sending out good wishes that 2018 brings you much happiness, health, prosperity an much success. Happy New Year! Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting focuses on workplace happiness and organizational success. If you need help gaining clarity on your 2018 business or career goals, why not get some help – stop the struggle and …

Happy Boss’s Day – Are You Deserving of the Recognition?

Today is Boss's Day - the day employees have the chance to recognize their leader. But, how many are deserving of this recognition? I've already talked to two people who had no clue of what this day mens, as they did not get any kudos, or thanks, by their employees. Leaders need to ask themselves …

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