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He MadeWhat, Doing What??

If anyone says you only can make doing a job, don’t think of asking a man named Robert, who is a Professional Line Sitter – he’ll sit in the line you don’t want to, such as the DMV or to buy the latest iPhone – and makes $54,000; or how about Janet from California, a Mom blogger, making $150,000 by sharing her expertise to other Moms.

Yes, the second edition of What People Earn report came out and it’s eye-opening and shows how people are earning money (or not). As more and more companies are foregoing keeping long-term workers, there are many more options for people to create their own jobs, some of which can be called ‘on demand’ or contract/freelance work, or create their own companies. I don’t think there is any idea too bizarre or that wouldn’t work IF the marketing and promotion was done in a way that fits ‘right’ for the idea maker.

Take Herman from Baltimore, who has become a Street Corner Astronomer; Herman is 85 years old and invites pedestrians to share his love of stars and planets by looking through his telescope. Whatever Herman is doing – it’s working as he is making money ($6400). It may not sound like a lot but Herman is most likely getting Social Security payments and can’t make a certain income; but he is doing something that is novel and he loves.

Another profile is Jeremy who is an SEO Specialist, making $382,500; he is on the upper end of the scale but has created a profitable business helping businesses to get ranked online and get more traffic. They make more money and so does he. Robert has taken his love of surfing and now teaches others, making $17,000; he says  he loves his job “you get to share in the joy with them {clients}, which is the most rewarding aspect of my job.”

The report does not say how long each of these individuals have been in business, or if this is their full-time work, but I think they are inspirational and pursuing what they love, while taking their knowledge and experience for the greater good. It’s never too late to begin; it all starts with an idea which can easily be researched and worked on. It will soon become a necessity to stay in the workforce on some level.

If you’d like help to determine if your idea can be turned into a business idea, call today for a Complementary Discovery Session to find out.

How Do You End Your Work-Week?

Its Friday – TGIF! The end of the week is not only the time we look forward to having two days off (traditionally) but it’s a great time to review and prepare for the next, which sets you up for success. How do you end you work-week?

If you want to set yourself up for success, using the end of the week to review and plan is the best time to do so. Has there ever been a time when you feel like the week has whizzed by and thinking “I got nothing done,” only to lead to feeling dread for Monday when you have to get stuff done you didn’t? How do you know you didn’t if you never review activities your accomplished?

My suggestions would be to use Friday to use as a review and planning day:

  • Go back over each day and list tasks you accomplished, no matter how big or small. I like to rate tasks on a scale of 1-10 as to how important they are (or how fearful) so I can see that I was able to push past and get them done. This is a great time to also analyze what didn’t get done – did I not schedule enough time, did I not plan for resources needed, did technology get in the way, etc. Knowing exactly what you did -and did not – accomplish gives a much-needed boost to self-esteem, as it shows us we are doing and being, while also leading into the next step….
  • Plan and schedule your next week by taking the tasks you didn’t get done and put them in the calendar first off; then, you can add any new tasks in your calendar so you know exactly how your days will be spent. Think of being able to enjoy the weekend more and feel accomplished for the next. No more Sunday night blues – how liberating is that!

I’m spending this day doing my review and planning (I’m in planning mode for 2016 – that’s another post) so I’m encouraging you to do the same. If you make this a weekly habit, you will see your productivity soar while being less-stressed. I’d love to hear how you end your work-week – comment and share below.

Do You Take Advantage of Opportunities or Do You Wait for Them to Come to You?

Lately, I am finding opportunities coming my way; it is where they are coming from that is surprising me and I believe may help you as well.  Often, when we are driven to achieve and accomplish, we go in action mode in order to succeed.  We move along and follow steps that all the “gurus’ tell us to do.  In doing so, we can miss, or not take advantage of, opportunities that can lead us to clients or to more success.  I’m not suggesting that you ignore the teachings of these experts; what I’m encouraging you to do is to open your eyes, put aside your fears, and go after opportunities that are in front of you.

I will admit that I believe that is how I used to operate; read, learn, follow the advice of mentors who were to help me in building my business.   But what I’ve come to realize is that a lot of my successes were the result of my actions and taking advantage of opportunities as they came along:

  • signing up to write articles for a book; I am the co-author in a soon-to-be released (June 15th) book, titled “Contagious Optimism,”  I found this opportunity in one of my LinkedIn groups and decided to go for it; I have written for volumes I & II and have passed on this opportunity to my peers as well as some of my clients.
  • becoming a sponsor for the World Executive and Business Coaching Summit, which is a global educational series.  I was first contacted by them as they liked this blog; they felt my content aligned with their audience and they invited me for the sponsorship, which led to a joint-venture and income from promoting the event.
  • adding my name to several speaking and writing opportunities, which have included  local networking groups, professional associations, a conference, and several online publications, such as Forbes Woman and The Work at Home Woman.  Each of these has allowed me to reach my target audience and has led to connections, clients and revenue.

If I had continued on doing what others do, I don’t think I would have found these opportunities.  It was only by being aware and then leaping towards offerings I found that has led to these successes, among others.  If you are waiting for opportunities to come to you, then you will be waiting and your business (or your career) will be stalled.  Only by being open and then fearless will you recognize opportunities standing in front of you and then be willing to embrace them, which will lead to you more success.  What opportunities have you ignored or felt fearful in responding to?  Would love to hear your thoughts!



If You Think Entrepreneurship Doesn’t Exist, Then You’re Crazy!

On a daily basis, I have clients who come in because they are sick and tired of their boss, their coworker, their job.  They are the burnt out, the frustrated, the anxious, the angry, the confused.  While I believe that people can learn to love their job again, on their own terms, I don’t understand why they, and the thousands of others, continue to stay in an environment that is causing them physical and emotional pain.  The main reason I hear, most often, is that they have to stay where they are as ‘there are no jobs out there.’   Let’s thank the media and Debbie Downers for that one!

My reply to them is, and always has been, “Why don’t you take what you know and do best and go be your own boss?”  That usually gets a reaction of fear or the deer-in-the-headlights look.  The majority of people, I believe, feel that small businesses are not doing well, that it’s too hard, or you can’t make money, and that this way of life is for those who can’t find or keep a ‘real job.’  Well, for those who believe that I say you are crazy!

I just returned from a 4-day event called Be the Change, where I learned from some of the best, along with 1,000 other entrepreneurs, on how to start, build and grow a business (this is just one of many going on around the country).  It was so heartening to hear story after story of people who made the decision to go do their best work but on their own terms, and making money doing so.   There were a huge group in the $10K club, who are either working toward or earning that much a month.  I hear story after story of men and women who had an idea, who had industry experience, or a product/service that they wanted to take out into the world and were doing it with great results.  I got to hear the story of the Life is Good company, whose message was not just about how they started their business but more about spreading the message of optimism; or the story of a woman who help business owners to market their business but helps them overcome their fears by using tapping and who is now a millionaire two years in a row.

I met with both men and women who were in various stages of their business, from just beginning to established.  We learned ideas and made great friends from all over the world.  If you are in a transitional state – you have career uncertainty or have an idea of being a business owner – I would encourage you to run, not walk, to learn more and get the help you need to take that idea to reality.  I have  a quote that I always keep in mind, as it redirects me back to my reality:  “People who don’t have goals work for people who do.” 

There are 23 million small business owners in the U.S., who account for 55% of jobs – they can’t be that crazy.  Isn’t it time you joined us?

If you would like to get started, I would love to talk to you; you can call for a free Discovery Session to get started!


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