How Do You End Your Work-Week?

Its Friday – TGIF! The end of the week is not only the time we look forward to having two days off (traditionally) but it’s a great time to review and prepare for the next, which sets you up for success. How do you end you work-week?

If you want to set yourself up for success, using the end of the week to review and plan is the best time to do so. Has there ever been a time when you feel like the week has whizzed by and thinking “I got nothing done,” only to lead to feeling dread for Monday when you have to get stuff done you didn’t? How do you know you didn’t if you never review activities your accomplished?

My suggestions would be to use Friday to use as a review and planning day:

  • Go back over each day and list tasks you accomplished, no matter how big or small. I like to rate tasks on a scale of 1-10 as to how important they are (or how fearful) so I can see that I was able to push past and get them done. This is a great time to also analyze what didn’t get done – did I not schedule enough time, did I not plan for resources needed, did technology get in the way, etc. Knowing exactly what you did -and did not – accomplish gives a much-needed boost to self-esteem, as it shows us we are doing and being, while also leading into the next step….
  • Plan and schedule your next week by taking the tasks you didn’t get done and put them in the calendar first off; then, you can add any new tasks in your calendar so you know exactly how your days will be spent. Think of being able to enjoy the weekend more and feel accomplished for the next. No more Sunday night blues – how liberating is that!

I’m spending this day doing my review and planning (I’m in planning mode for 2016 – that’s another post) so I’m encouraging you to do the same. If you make this a weekly habit, you will see your productivity soar while being less-stressed. I’d love to hear how you end your work-week – comment and share below.


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