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Open the “Vault”of Your Ideas

Often when working with clients who say they want improvements in their lives, they often will say they ‘don’t know what those are.’ They “just know” that something is missing and they want more. As we explore, they find that they really do have an idea of what they want and realize those ideas have been lying dormant, almost locked up inside a vault they’ve created.

They seem surprised to uncover this but those thoughts have been pushed into their subconscious which, if not nurtured, will lie in waiting to be let out. Often, they will discover that they haven’t acted on them as they didn’t have the belief that their idea could be achieved so they just let it sit….and sit…..and sit. Until it starts to nag at them to be let out, i.e. the feeling that something is missing or they want more. Some can’t even explain what they’re feeling but they just know.

Feelings will arise first but it’s the thoughts we need to bring to the surface, which is when they become tangible and we now can face and do something about them. The fear of the unknown creates havoc in the brain which then soon spirals out of control, if allowed, leading to a host of emotional problems. To move through this:

  • begin to evaluate your thoughts and allow them to be seen (more tangible)
  • identify the threat they represent, or how high the value of them (high value and high threat equal high fear)
  • once uncovered, reframe each for its validity or real, and then focus on solutions you can take to for appropriately putting them where they need to be
  • visualize the positive outcome you want and write it down so it becomes real and a place where you can put your focus

Hiding out thoughts is a high level activity for the brain that leads to it performing poorly, as well as releasing toxic chemicals into your system that will make you feel bad. You do have a choice to keep your ideas and thoughts in the vault, where you’ll continue to feel frustrated about, or you can bring them to the surface and do something about them. Which do you choose?

What to Do When You Have Too Many Ideas

One of my ‘gifts’, which is also a curse, is that I am a (big) creative thinker.  I say it is a gift as I have an intuitive ability to read situations and see the outcome so the ideas flow when I hear of an issue or a problem.  I say it is a curse because I have a hard time taking those ideas and completing them.  I have known this fact but it really became apparent when I hired a V.A. and showed her all my projects I want to get finished and ‘out there.’  My creative nature was also reinforced when I took a new personality assessment and my score was 95 percent!

I know that I am not alone as I was grouped with other creatives when I took the test and there were a slew of us.  It was very exciting to know that others have a mind like mine.  Creativity is not just the artsy stuff, like music or singing; when we solve a problem or make something better we are using our creative mind.  But harnessing these ideas is challenging, not just for the big thinker but for those they come in contact with; we are usually full of energy and think quickly (we may also talk fast, too) and can expect the same from others.  This can frustrate us – and them – particularly if they are the types who need time to process information.

So can you do when you have too many idea?  Here are 3 tips I have found:

1. Carry a notebook with you at all times:  as ideas can pop up anytime, you want to be able to capture them when they occur; this way, you won’t have to worry about losing them and will quiet the mind (until the next idea pops up)

2. Set up a time to Free Think:  one good way I’ve found is to allow myself time for project creation so I set times in my day/week where I just have an ‘Idea Party”; this is where I can allow any and all ideas, solutions, examples, and the like to flow.  I have found that I can train my brain to not be so overly creative and I can look forward to these party times.  Setting the stage helps, such as going outside, or creating a space for thought.

3. Get Help:  recognizing that I have too many content ideas and not getting them out has led me to (finally) get the help I have needed.  You many want to hire a VA, or a coach to help you get more focused and prioritized.

To my fellow creatives, amen I say to you but if you find yourself struggling, then following these tips will help you feel more in control.  For those of you who may feel they are not creative, I encourage you to tap into the right side of your brain and follow my steps to get your creative juices going.  The world needs new and bigger ideas!

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