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First Female NFL Referee

I am so happy to hear that women continue to make gains in the world.  They are breaking through ‘glass ceilings’ like never before and making strides for more women to continue to do so.  The new Yahoo CEO, Merissa Mayer, took over the helm at six months pregnant; we’ve seen a fifteen-year old, the youngest of the U.S. Olympic athletes win a gold medal in swimming at her first event.  Now, we will have the first female NFL referee – Shannon Eastin!  What an accomplishment that is for her and for the NFL to recognize women’s ability to be firm and tough.  It will be interesting to see how she gets interacted with, particularly when she has to make a tough call with a linebacker who doesn’t agree with her!

In addition to her making strides for women, I am sure that Ms. Eastin is following a dream for herself.  Not much is known about her, other than she is a six-time national judo champion and has coached at the collegiate level.  She is a replacement referee, due to the current lockout.  But she is following a career path that is atypical for women and I, for one, am eager to see her take her place on the field.  I believe the door will be open for more women to pursue this career path and change the face of these male-dominated roles.  Perhaps she will inspire you to up your game and risk going for bigger goals in your career.

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