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It’s That Time of Year – Got Your Word/Theme?

As I do every year, it’s that time to select a word or theme for how you want to live this year; doing so helps to refine and focus how we want our life to go. This can apply to your personal life, your career, or any other area that you would like to move forward on.

In the past, I’ve had ‘Carpe Deiem” as my theme, which means ‘seize the day;’ others have included ‘focus’ and ‘freedom.’ This year, my theme is taken from Nike: “Just Do It!” I need to remind myself not to focus on the how and to keep my eye on the prize, as they say, and just do the work that needs done. I have placed this on a small easel I found so I am reminded of this phrase. So far, I’m ‘doing it!.’

Look at a word or phrase that keeps coming up for you; here are some examples to helps:

  • for your home: purge, simplify, cleanse
  • for your relationships: love, honor, closeness, respect, boundaries
  • for your mental clarity: great ideas, peace, gratitude, confidence, honor myself
  • for your career/business: focus, money come easily to me, connections, workplace happiness
  • for you relationship with money: abundance, savings, no more debt, freedom

I think you get the idea; see what you can expand on in these areas, which you may have more than I’ve listed. The point is, we need to find ways to keep motivated on the goals and outcomes we’ve set – choosing a word or theme is a great way to meet these. As an add-on, make a picture or visual representation of what you came up; it’s a great way to have more motivation. What theme have you come up with?

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Being as Focused as #84

It’s should come as no surprise that I’m a huge football fan; no, that I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steeler’s fan. I bleed black and gold. Today was a great game against the Cincinnati Bengals, our rivals. And what a tough game it was, with both teams pushing and swinging before the game started!

I am always so amazed at how focused players can be, particularly wide receivers when they run down the field and catch the ball in the most inopportune times. The hottest WR now happens to play for my team – # 84 (Antonio Brown). Today was no exception as he caught pass after pass, one of them in the middle of 5 defenders.

The concentration and focus he has is worth mirroring – think of how much you could get done if you never took your eyes off your ‘ball’ – the goals and ideas you have. Think of how much progress and successes you could have if you disciplined yourself enough.

One technique professional athletes use is that of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which utilizes your senses in stopping or starting habits. Our visual field is the most powerful we have; anything we create in the mind can be achieved if we played the ‘movie’ over and over again. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. Number 84 visualizes himself running and catching the football and in all types of plays; Michael Phelps uses this as well. If it works for them it can work for you, too.

  • Start small on a goal or an idea you would like to be successful at; write it down in great detail, leaving nothing out
  • Take some time where you are away from distractions, perhaps in a quiet room inside your house or a place outside – anyplace that you feel comfortable and that allows you to feel relaxed. Put on some music or light some candles if you like
  • Now, visualize the goals or scenario you wrote down. See the environment you’re in, other people involved, what you are wearing, and the final outcome. Allow yourself to also feel the emotions that go along with your ‘movie’ as this will make those scenes more intense which imprint in the brain

The more you visualize, the better you become in recreating the scenario which then becomes actionable. You will have more success when you do take action. Remember, the more you do, the better you become. We won today, keeping our playoff hopes alive. A seventh ring would be sweet!

If you’d like help using NLP and moving forward on your goals, contact us today for your Complementary Discovery Session to get started:


How Do You End Your Work-Week?

Its Friday – TGIF! The end of the week is not only the time we look forward to having two days off (traditionally) but it’s a great time to review and prepare for the next, which sets you up for success. How do you end you work-week?

If you want to set yourself up for success, using the end of the week to review and plan is the best time to do so. Has there ever been a time when you feel like the week has whizzed by and thinking “I got nothing done,” only to lead to feeling dread for Monday when you have to get stuff done you didn’t? How do you know you didn’t if you never review activities your accomplished?

My suggestions would be to use Friday to use as a review and planning day:

  • Go back over each day and list tasks you accomplished, no matter how big or small. I like to rate tasks on a scale of 1-10 as to how important they are (or how fearful) so I can see that I was able to push past and get them done. This is a great time to also analyze what didn’t get done – did I not schedule enough time, did I not plan for resources needed, did technology get in the way, etc. Knowing exactly what you did -and did not – accomplish gives a much-needed boost to self-esteem, as it shows us we are doing and being, while also leading into the next step….
  • Plan and schedule your next week by taking the tasks you didn’t get done and put them in the calendar first off; then, you can add any new tasks in your calendar so you know exactly how your days will be spent. Think of being able to enjoy the weekend more and feel accomplished for the next. No more Sunday night blues – how liberating is that!

I’m spending this day doing my review and planning (I’m in planning mode for 2016 – that’s another post) so I’m encouraging you to do the same. If you make this a weekly habit, you will see your productivity soar while being less-stressed. I’d love to hear how you end your work-week – comment and share below.

If You Found the Magic Lamp….An Exercise to Get What you Desire

How many times do you say “I want” when you have desires you want to achieve?  I’m sure it’s often, if you’re anything like the majority of people in the world.  When you say “I want,” how often does it make you want to take action to get what that is? I would suspect not often. A want is a desire but the words themselves are actually demotivating and gives you an excuse, so to speak, when you don’t go after it. Often times this is due to a fear of thinking big – either because of not feeling deserving or failing, or feeling overwhelmed by what it would take to complete the tasks.

In order to get what you desire, I believe we need to start small to relieve the fear center in our brain from working over-time; this allows the brain to accept small actions which can be repeated over and over.  When the fear center is calm, great things can get accomplished.   While this may sound simple, it is not always easy to override the fears mainly because those are habits that have been developed over time; it didn’t take a second for those to get imprinted so it will take some time to unlearn them.  This will then open the door for new, positive thoughts to become the habit.

If you’ve ever heard the story of the magic lamp, then you know that when it is rubbed a Magic Genie appears to grant a wish to the holder of the lamp. This can be a very powerful exercise to help you to overcome the fears and ‘see’ the possibilities that lie in your mind (unconscious); this will bring them to the forefront (conscious) so now you can take action towards getting whatever it is you desire.

So if you found the magic lamp (this is a picture of mine), what would you ask for? In order to get what it is you desire, it will take engaging your visual sense, which is very powerful.  Imagine yourself finding the magic lamp; you know you only have one wish to make so it needs to be one that you really want: as you hold the lamp (or visualize holding the lamp), allow you brain to be open to the pictures that come up.  What do you see?  What are your plans for the day – are you going to a job, to your own business? What kind of clothes do you put on for the day? How far do you travel to get there and how (BMW, Mercedes, etc.)? What does the building or location look like (an office building, an established corporation, your own home, etc.)? Who are the people you are interacting with? What type of activities are you performing in your day?  What time to do you leave to get home?  What is your money goal – are you meeting it and from what sources? What does your lifestyle look like because of this goal?

The point of this exercise is to engage one of your most powerful tools so you can “see-think-feel-believe-act” and have all that you desire. So when it comes to wanting something, use your god-given abilities to go after them.  Doing this exercise once will shift your thoughts to more positive ones; when you feel stuck all you need to do is visualize the lamp and you will feel calmer and confident to go after all that you desire.

If you would liked help in getting ‘unstuck’ so you can do and achieve more in your life or your career, contact us at

Take the Good with the Bad

As a follow-up to my post yesterday, where I discussed how to be incredibly consistent and to work hard in order to reach higher and to achieve more, I thought it would be fitting to add a disclaimer.  I got to thinking that there might be another piece that is missing.  As I stated previously, I am addicted to the Olympics and find so many ‘stories’ that can pertain to us all.  I feel so inspired as I watch them compete and try – and win.  But as I watch the events, not everyone wins.  It is heartbreaking to see some athletes get so close but come up short, sometimes even by a fraction of a second.  But, for others, they don’t even come close.

A lesson I take from this is that you have to take the good with the bad – not everyone will be successful every time.  We have even seen Michael Phelps stumble in a few of his events. But just being there makes them a winner and is a lesson for you.  How many times have you wanted to do something, i.e. lose weight, get a new job, etc., but you came up short.  How did you handle it – with grace or did you get sad or angry?  Did you applaud yourself for taking the risk or did you “scold” yourself for being ‘stupid?’

Yes, we have seen some poor losers; I think of the Chinese fencer who lost due to a mechanical technicality and who cried for an hour and refused to leave the area.  I am sure it was heartbreaking to lose but to a malfunction, and then being unable to do anything about it.  But how she handled it after did not put her in a good light with the rest of the world.  How she would have risen as a true hero if she had taken the loss and walked off with her head held high.  When you face adversity or things don’t go your way, how you deal with the after-effects will set the stage for how you behave in the future.  It can lead you to feel anxious or sad and demotivate you to try again.  Or, if you realize that you came up short, and then review the events in an unemotional manner to see what you might have been able to improve upon, it can become the stepping stone to success.

After Michael Phelps came up short in a few races, he was recognized by the press as being a great sport as he said that these were lessons he had to take responsibility for and vowed to improve in the future.  In essence, he took the good with the bad!

The Hamster on the Wheel

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do that you can’t get it to all?  Or do you feel as if you move from one required task to the next in a short amount of time?  Have you ever had them combined?  To me, this is a syndrome that I call “The Hamster on the Wheel.”  I’m not sure if this is an actual syndrome and I’m probably sure that phrase has been used extensively and that I didn’t create the name.  But this phenomenon actually exists, and it can be frustrating, exhausting and counter-productive to your business or your career.

I recently have felt like this for the past month or so.  I have had several family events, meaning family has come in from out of town and obligations to spend time with those family members; I have been teaching two classes, I went to an all-day conference out-of-town and I did a dance video shoot that was another all-day affair.  Throw in some birthdays and work and it has felt like a haven’t been able to catch a break!  This has led to some feeling of frustration, sometime anger, and feeling directionless.  It’s not that I don’t know what I have to do but it can seem like there is so much that I’m just ‘spinning my wheels’, like a hamster.

So what to do???  Well, I have found several steps that have helped me to get refocused and refreshed; they may work for you too!

1.  I have to recognize that I may have bit off more than I can chew; recognition of the fact that I have a lot of tasks and obligations to take on has helped me to recognize that I need to slow down and learn to say “No!”

2.  Prioritize – once I’ve recognized that I have a lot on my plate, I go and write all of them down, for each facet of my life, i.e. finances, school, work, family, health, etc.  This way I know what I’m up against.  Then I go and designate them as A = Highly Important/Immediate Action, B = Important/ Not so Immediate, C = Low Importance/Can Put off or Delegate.  This way, I know where my priorities lie.

3.  Schedule – I then take my high priority tasks and schedule them in my planner, as well as on my calendar, so I have them down; I know when I need to take care of these tasks.  With the others, I see how they fit into my schedule, if I can put them off for a while, put them on hold or delete them, and who I might need to find that can help me accomplish them.

4.  Action – taking decisive action on my most important tasks gets them done but gives me a great sense of accomplishment, which leads me to keep going.  For those tasks that I am not as excited about, I find that a timer helps me to keep on task in short amounts of time.

5.  Debrief/unwind – I make sure that I am journaling my feelings and gratitude to get out my frustrations safely.  I also have had to disconnect from the computer (or my phone) and just relax, maybe by watching TV or reading a magazine or book.  This way I feel calmer and refocused.

6.  Fun – I also make sure I do something fun; for me that is either dancing or going to Universal (which I will be doing both this weekend).  Knowing that my activities are planned helps me to go and take time off and keeps me feeling ready to take on any challenges that lie in front of me.

A Tool to Help You Get Focused, Relax and Get Energized

Here is a great tool that I learned about from one of my clients (we don’t always know everything) to help relax, get focused on the things we want to accomplish, and become more energized.  It is called Mandala, which means circle in Sanskrit and is taken from the world of alternative medicine.  According to, mandalas are a healing tools and are used to center the mind and body.   I am using color mandelas;  my personal preference is magic markers but you can use paint or colored pencils.  “People who use color mandalas often experience a deep sense of calm and well-being…and is remarkably soothing and nourishing.  Mandalas not only focus your attention, but allow you to express your creative side…” (

The client who recommended the Mandala said she used it to help her get relaxed when she was feeling anxious, so I decided to try it.  I bought my book at Barnes & Noble and found it in the spirituality section, which I would say I never browse in.  I bought the book, Power Mandalas, as it was easy and inexpensive – I didn’t want to make a big investment for something I wasn’t sure I would like or use.

This is the book I bought.  This particular book has explanations for the picture, as well as recommendations on how to color them.  It also has some affirmations to help you focus on them.  As stated before, I am not the ethereal type but I have found that when I color my mandala, I do feel calmer, more focused on what I might be wanting to accomplish and feel energized to take action to accomplish tasks on my “to-do list.”   I have passed this on to several of my clients, who have reported the same results, in addition to sleeping better.

If you want to move ahead, or get more balance, in your life, I would recommend using a color mandala. Let me know if has helped you and how!



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