End the Week Love-Filled


It’s Friday – don’t you love it? One this last day of love-sharing, it’s time to end the week on a high and focus on your self-love. It’s surprising how many people don’t – they put others above themselves, over-give of their time or resources, or are too proud to ask for help.

I know, as I struggle with asking for help, although I’m getting better. Over-givers, however, can suffer more with depression, anxiety or anger none of which is healthy, either physically or emotionally. And the more one holds all this inside, the more problems they will eventually encounter.

So, to end the week, your task is to express love to yourself; this can present as:

  • cleaning up your desk before you leave for the weekend
  • writing goals for next week, leaving you unworried and ready to tackle them come Monday
  • writing down your accomplishments for the week
  • connecting with coworkers to build team bonds
  • having a conversation with your boss to get some feedback on your work and connect deeper with them
  • making plans for rest and relaxation, or fun activities, to do over the weekend
  • being kind to yourself, meaning no negative self-talk or other adverse actions toward yourself

I’m sure you can come up with many more (right?). Having these in your ‘toolbox’ will become habit-forming and you won’t have to struggle with self-care. Now you can leave your work at…..work and be in the weekend to rest and rejuvenate. Wishing you a great day – TGIF!

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