A Tool to Help You Get Focused, Relax and Get Energized

Here is a great tool that I learned about from one of my clients (we don’t always know everything) to help relax, get focused on the things we want to accomplish, and become more energized.  It is called Mandala, which means circle in Sanskrit and is taken from the world of alternative medicine.  According to Ask.com, mandalas are a healing tools and are used to center the mind and body.   I am using color mandelas;  my personal preference is magic markers but you can use paint or colored pencils.  “People who use color mandalas often experience a deep sense of calm and well-being…and is remarkably soothing and nourishing.  Mandalas not only focus your attention, but allow you to express your creative side…” (Ask.com)

The client who recommended the Mandala said she used it to help her get relaxed when she was feeling anxious, so I decided to try it.  I bought my book at Barnes & Noble and found it in the spirituality section, which I would say I never browse in.  I bought the book, Power Mandalas, as it was easy and inexpensive – I didn’t want to make a big investment for something I wasn’t sure I would like or use.

This is the book I bought.  This particular book has explanations for the picture, as well as recommendations on how to color them.  It also has some affirmations to help you focus on them.  As stated before, I am not the ethereal type but I have found that when I color my mandala, I do feel calmer, more focused on what I might be wanting to accomplish and feel energized to take action to accomplish tasks on my “to-do list.”   I have passed this on to several of my clients, who have reported the same results, in addition to sleeping better.

If you want to move ahead, or get more balance, in your life, I would recommend using a color mandala. Let me know if has helped you and how!




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