Is It Time to Put Yourself Back Out There?

Now that the job market is on the upswing,  it might be time to ask if you should put yourself back out in the job market.  Perhaps you got discouraged and stopped looking;  maybe it’s time to seek that promotion or make that career change.   The time seems right to dust off the resume and job search plan (hopefully you had one) and get back out there.  Certain industries are hiring again and there is job movement.  Here are some steps that can help you to get ‘back in the game:

1. Research – look at the job boards and companies in your industry to see what jobs are open and if they match your skills and experience

2. Assess – go back and re-assess your skills, values, accomplishments and experiences to align them with the job market; this can also help the ego and confidence

3. Network – call up those contacts you have and tell them you are job-hunting; find networking meetings in your target market and attend;  visit your alumni association and attend professional association meetings; get online to reach out, such as LinkedIn or Branch Out on Face Book

4. Update Your Resume – make sure that your resume is current and highlights the skills and accomplishments you identified in your self-assessment; make sure you have quantifiable descriptions and no errors or typos

5.  Develop Your Plan – make goals and develop a job search strategy for how you plan to find your next job; be clear on the type of job you want and set daily actions and intentions on how you will conduct your job-search

6. Get the Mindset – make the decision to be positive;  write about your intentions, your mood and your progress; visualize yourself in that  job to increase your motivation and confidence

These steps will help you once you make the decision to get back out there.  Your options are to stay where you are or to go after the job you want and enhance your life.  Which will you choose?


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