Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Using Social Media as a job search strategy is an effective way to let people know that you are looking for a job; it is also a  great way to make connections with the people who hire for the job you want – or those who know of someone who is in the position to hire.  There are many forums but the best, and most widely known, is LinkedIn.  There are many applications that will help you get noticed and to showcase your skills and experience to a potential employer.  If you are not using LinkedIn as a job-search tool, then you are missing opportunities to land a job. 

Here are some ways to use LinkedIn to find a job:

1. Your Tag Line – make your tag line short and catchy and says what your expertise is, such as “Human Resource and Benefits Professional” or “Marketing and Website Strategist”.  You want to grab the attention of those searching for potential candidates and to make look further on your page

2. Your Summary – this is your bio or your resume.  Write it as if you are talking to someone; be  sure to summarize your experience and your accomplishments.  You want it to be compelling to make them want to contact you, just as your resume gets you called in for the interview. 

3. Your Books/Readings – this section can show potential employers that you are serious about your career and are keeping current by enhancing your skills through your personal development; it can also show that you are current on workforce issues as well as a resource to others – all of these showcase your expertise

4. Accomplishments – be sure to include any awards, speaking engagements, papers you’ve written, professional associations you are a member of, and your education.  These can speak volumes to an employer

5. LinkedIn Groups – this is a great way to network with others in your specialty area or one you wish to get in to; ask questions or answer questions or comments to postings – again, this will showcase your knowledge and expertise and get you noticed; it is also a way to get feedback on potential positions you may be curious about or for how to break into the field. I have found people are willing to help and I’ve seen job offers made.

6. Answers – this is a forum where people post questions that you have the opportunity to answer.  The forum is open to anyone and members vote on who has the best answer.  This will not only establish your expertise but LinkedIn will acknowledge you as the expert on the site. This will establish your credibility and expertise.

7.  Jobs – you can search open positions that are posted; you can find the people who hire for those positions and make a connection with them (or get introduced).

8.  Organizations – you have the ability to search for and to research companies that you may want to work for which can tell you about the culture or to find people who may either be or know the hirers.

There are many ways to use LinkedIn to help you in your job search.  Following these steps will help but the key is to be consistent – meaning you have to go on regularly and make connections, and to update your content so it gets noticed.  Adding LinkedIn to your job-search strategy can lead you to the job you want – connect with me


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