Don’t Become a Hostage to Your Computer in Your Job Search

I don’t know if it was the recent moon phenomena we experienced or my bad luck, but I had yet another computer crash.  This time, my operating system stopped working.  No virus found so no explanation for it stopping.   You can imagine my panic but this time it was not for my data- I smartened up and had my data backed up – but for the need to be connected.  I am teaching an online course, so I definitely need to be accessible for my students.  But I felt so lost while my computer was getting fixed, which was a day.

I see how people in job-search mode can become tied to their computers.  It is common practice, and often the only port of entry, to apply for a job position by the computer.   So most people become “hostages” to a computer as they spend time searching for a position that they feel they qualify for and then spend more time completing the online application.  Then the wait begins to see if someone may read the information and if they call for an interview.  It can be a very tedious and frustrating process, which is why a good majority of job seekers have stopped or lessened their time (now down to 40 minutes a day!).

So what is the answer?  There is no one “right” way but doing nothing will solve nothing and leave you feeling more frustrated.  But spending all your time on the computer will also leave you feeling just as frustrated. Getting out among people will help you – go to a networking meeting or a professional association meeting, volunteer or set-up some informational interviews.  These will help you to meet people who either are in a position to give you a job or to connect you with someone who can.  It will also get you back out in the working world which can give you credibility and confidence.   You might have to ask yourself if you need to revise your job-search strategy (you do have one??) to include being out among the crowds.  Getting away from your computer can be the ‘shot-in-the-arm’ you need to regain your professional footing and to connect with others who can lead you to finding a job.


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