If You Found the Magic Lamp….An Exercise to Get What you Desire

How many times do you say “I want” when you have desires you want to achieve?  I’m sure it’s often, if you’re anything like the majority of people in the world.  When you say “I want,” how often does it make you want to take action to get what that is? I would suspect not often. A want is a desire but the words themselves are actually demotivating and gives you an excuse, so to speak, when you don’t go after it. Often times this is due to a fear of thinking big – either because of not feeling deserving or failing, or feeling overwhelmed by what it would take to complete the tasks.

In order to get what you desire, I believe we need to start small to relieve the fear center in our brain from working over-time; this allows the brain to accept small actions which can be repeated over and over.  When the fear center is calm, great things can get accomplished.   While this may sound simple, it is not always easy to override the fears mainly because those are habits that have been developed over time; it didn’t take a second for those to get imprinted so it will take some time to unlearn them.  This will then open the door for new, positive thoughts to become the habit.

If you’ve ever heard the story of the magic lamp, then you know that when it is rubbed a Magic Genie appears to grant a wish to the holder of the lamp. This can be a very powerful exercise to help you to overcome the fears and ‘see’ the possibilities that lie in your mind (unconscious); this will bring them to the forefront (conscious) so now you can take action towards getting whatever it is you desire.

So if you found the magic lamp (this is a picture of mine), what would you ask for? In order to get what it is you desire, it will take engaging your visual sense, which is very powerful.  Imagine yourself finding the magic lamp; you know you only have one wish to make so it needs to be one that you really want: as you hold the lamp (or visualize holding the lamp), allow you brain to be open to the pictures that come up.  What do you see?  What are your plans for the day – are you going to a job, to your own business? What kind of clothes do you put on for the day? How far do you travel to get there and how (BMW, Mercedes, etc.)? What does the building or location look like (an office building, an established corporation, your own home, etc.)? Who are the people you are interacting with? What type of activities are you performing in your day?  What time to do you leave to get home?  What is your money goal – are you meeting it and from what sources? What does your lifestyle look like because of this goal?

The point of this exercise is to engage one of your most powerful tools so you can “see-think-feel-believe-act” and have all that you desire. So when it comes to wanting something, use your god-given abilities to go after them.  Doing this exercise once will shift your thoughts to more positive ones; when you feel stuck all you need to do is visualize the lamp and you will feel calmer and confident to go after all that you desire.

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