Setting Deadlines to Get Out of a Rut

Do you ever struggle with decision making?  I think we all do but some struggle more than others, such as those who have perfectionistic tendencies or those who lack self-confidence.  Every day we are faced with making decisions that start early in our day – what time should I wake up, what should I wear, what should I eat for breakfast, etc.  Food decisions alone count for over 200 decisions while we can face between 5,000 to 10,000 decisions over the course of a day.  Decisions are not just major ones but also ones that encompass how we think and act.

Struggling with making a life decision, such as find the ‘right’ career, can keep you unable to make a decision which will leave you feeling frustrated, guilty, and emotionally depleted.  Every day will feel like a struggle as to which is the right path to go – eventually you will go nowhere except right where you are.  Indecision is the biggest enemy to going after your dream job (or any other desire).

If you want to stop the cycle, the first thing to do is to limit the time you spend thinking about a decision, such as 5 -10 minutes, and the second thing is to give yourself a deadline for making it.  One will stop the worry-cycle while the other will give you focus and motivation to get it done.  So if you are struggling and feel like you are in a rut, take the decision you are facing, know what you are facing by writing it down and then let it go.  Often, you might find the answer will come more easily.


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