The Job Search Ain’t What it Used to Be

If you’re looking for a job and thinking you can just send out a resume and they’ll come calling, you better change that thought; the job search ain’t what it used to be.  With the changing demands of technology and streamlining of processes and services, plus consumer demand for ‘now,’ organizational hiring is slower than it has ever been.  Statistically, there were 4 million available jobs as of November but the hire rate has only been 3.3%.  It is taking longer to get hired for a variety of factors you need to consider, such as:

  • an overload of potential candidates to screen
  • applicant tracking systems that may/may not receive your application
  • more stages to go through, which delay the process
  • more interviews to go through, again delaying the process
  • companies looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate

Not knowing, or considering, a host of factors that go into the hiring process will leave you dazed, confused and ‘bruised” (your ego).  Also, your views on your abilities may be over-inflated versus what employers believe which may lead to not presenting yourself well on a resume or application; you may believe that having a college degree should be ‘enough’ to have them banging on your door.  Navigating the job landscape can be frustrating and tiring if you don’t know how it is working out there. (that’s why its best to work with someone who does, like a career coach).

One way to conduct a job search is to throw out any old ideas you have about how to plan and strategize to be more successful.  Everything today is about having specific skills, it’s about showing how you used those skills and the results you produced, and showing that you are not only happy to be with a company but that you want to help it grow for the long-term and are willing to do so from day one.  If you really are wanting to make a job change, then start with how you view how one is conducted; it will safe you not only time but heartache as well.

If you are making a job transition and not know how to do so or are feeling frustrated,  help is available. Contact us today at


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