Do You Need A challenge to Move Yourself Forward?

How often do you ever start a task only to find the momentum fading fast? Perhaps you want to lose weight and begin a form of exercise; or you want to quit a bad habit, like smoking or drinking; or perhaps you want to develop good habits, such as meditation. We’ve all been in this position where we say we want to do something but we either give up before it starts or soon after. Why is this?

Well, we can look at brain functions for some answers as this relates to our levels of dopamine, which is our natural chemical that is related to feeling happy or alive, both of which are needed in the setting and achievement of our goals. We can also look at external factors in our environment, which also plays a part in reaching our goals and setting ourselves up for success so we are motivated to perform the new behavior. Starting and developing new habits are not easy as we have to unlearn the old and focus on the new.

I find that a great way to begin and continue on a new goal journey is to be challenged to do so; our brains like to reach goals so they will work more in the direction if given enough attention. Currently, I am doing two challenges: I am doing 100 Days of Gratitude to keep my focus only on positives that surround me; we often tend to focus on the problems and what we don’t have so gratitude takes that focus off of any negatives to ‘show’ us how blessed we truly are as well as raise the dopamine levels so we are happier and more motivated to keep in those positive thoughts. The second challenge I just signed up for is a 30-Day Blog Challenge; I’ve done these on my own in the past but I like the idea of accountability as well as community and new networks of people to connect with.

For the gratitude challenge, I’m on Day 9 and finding I have more energy and optimism; my creativity and sometimes ‘brain fog’ have lifted so I’m excited to see how the impact will continue as I move forward in these next few months. I’m also excited for the blogging as I love to write and share tips and resources; this is a great way to promote your business, and I always recommend that individuals start one for their career as it leaves a social imprint, which employers want to see these days.

I encourage you to find a challenge you can get involved in, whether formally or for yourself. Set that end goal, give it a time-limit, and begin. The first step is the hardest so dip your toe in the water and take it. Your life will only improve in some way so what is there to lose? See you on the journey; if you need some help or accountability, contact me at


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