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Time to “March” Forward

Another month is upon us. How are you doing on those goals you’ve developed? Do you have any way to track your progress? Don’t lose hope if you have to answer, ‘what goals?’

With a new month comes new hope for a better future. The month of March is a great way to move forward and get them done. It’s a great day to start a new goal or go after what you’re dreaming of. As long as you have dreams, they can become a reality. But, it does mean you have to take action to get them accomplished.

Starting with small steps, ala Kaizen, will help you to begin and override any fears or doubts that may creep up. ‘Will it work?’ How will I do this?’ ‘It seems so hard’ ‘It will never work; no one will want to buy it’ and on, and on, and on. If you allow these underlying fears to become bigger, you won’t begin let along achieve.

Starting with the smallest, least threatening action will ‘show’ your brain that what you’re doing isn’t so bad, which allows you to continue moving forward. It’s ‘marching’ with one step, which you keep doing until you’re ready for the next, and then the next. With habits now taking almost sixty days to sink in, starting small creates good habits for life. It’s one of the easiest ways to begin and get things done.

Wishing you success as you march towards a more productive and successful life. Today also begins Lent, the start of 40 days until Easter; this can also be a good time to create positive habits that will impact not just you, but others. You can give up a bad habit, i.e. eating sweets, over-drinking, smoking, lying, gossiping, etc., or practice kindness to others, i.e. giving thanks or compliments, volunteering, donating possessions or money to those less needy, etc. I’m sure there is something we all can do for forty days. A positive mindset needs to set the tone – look forward and march!

If you’d like help with setting or achieving goals, contact us today at – let’s talk!

Day 10 Check-In

First off, Happy TGIF! We are now at Day 10 of the 30-Day Challenge and I wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. Are you making progress? Are you being committed to taking one action per day? Is your challenge becoming a habit and feeling  easier/motivating for you?

This is where it gets tough – new habits can start to wane the longer you go on and the risk occurs of falling back into the old as they feel more comfortable. We are habit creatures so we tend to cope and adapt to one way, which we then becomes part of our daily routine. When we start to form new habits, the body does not ‘like’ the feeling of moving away from the old so it will pull you back to the routinized habit but only if you allow it.

Here are some quick tips to keep moving in forward motion:

  • re-emphasize your goals: this could include rewriting them, assessing them to see if they are Specific-Measurable-Action Oriented-Realistic-Time Limited (SMART). This simple step bounces back the original feelings you had when you started so they become more compelling. On the flip side, rewriting can also tweak them if needed.
  • re-assess your end-goal: does the ultimate end-goal still fill your desire/need/want? Often, motivation can decline if a goal loses its appeal so take time to really evaluate your intention and outcome.
  • re-evaluate your performance over these past 10 days: if the goal was clear and compelling, were the action steps broken down into small, manageable ones; are they motivating or do you look at them and go ‘meh,’ not caring if you do them or not; did you set yourself up to fail by not having good routines for the actions.
  • re-visualize: sit in a quiet place and see yourself at the end – goal reached and feeling accomplished; what is the result, are you smiling, laughing, jumping up and down, clapping, etc. Really see the picture in your mind – this is one of the best ways to follow through and do the work for what you want

And added bonus is to keep those motivational quotes I shared days ago (or ones that are your favorite) in front of you and verbalizing them several times a day as these ‘pump you up.’ I hope these help – I’ll check back in a few days to check on you – you got this!

Do You Need A challenge to Move Yourself Forward?

How often do you ever start a task only to find the momentum fading fast? Perhaps you want to lose weight and begin a form of exercise; or you want to quit a bad habit, like smoking or drinking; or perhaps you want to develop good habits, such as meditation. We’ve all been in this position where we say we want to do something but we either give up before it starts or soon after. Why is this?

Well, we can look at brain functions for some answers as this relates to our levels of dopamine, which is our natural chemical that is related to feeling happy or alive, both of which are needed in the setting and achievement of our goals. We can also look at external factors in our environment, which also plays a part in reaching our goals and setting ourselves up for success so we are motivated to perform the new behavior. Starting and developing new habits are not easy as we have to unlearn the old and focus on the new.

I find that a great way to begin and continue on a new goal journey is to be challenged to do so; our brains like to reach goals so they will work more in the direction if given enough attention. Currently, I am doing two challenges: I am doing 100 Days of Gratitude to keep my focus only on positives that surround me; we often tend to focus on the problems and what we don’t have so gratitude takes that focus off of any negatives to ‘show’ us how blessed we truly are as well as raise the dopamine levels so we are happier and more motivated to keep in those positive thoughts. The second challenge I just signed up for is a 30-Day Blog Challenge; I’ve done these on my own in the past but I like the idea of accountability as well as community and new networks of people to connect with.

For the gratitude challenge, I’m on Day 9 and finding I have more energy and optimism; my creativity and sometimes ‘brain fog’ have lifted so I’m excited to see how the impact will continue as I move forward in these next few months. I’m also excited for the blogging as I love to write and share tips and resources; this is a great way to promote your business, and I always recommend that individuals start one for their career as it leaves a social imprint, which employers want to see these days.

I encourage you to find a challenge you can get involved in, whether formally or for yourself. Set that end goal, give it a time-limit, and begin. The first step is the hardest so dip your toe in the water and take it. Your life will only improve in some way so what is there to lose? See you on the journey; if you need some help or accountability, contact me at

Savoring a Goal Reached (Day 28, #230!)

Well today my blog challenge ends.  To recall, every Olympics I do my own blog challenge to write daily for one month; I always find it so inspiring to see the dedication and commitment those athletes take to hone their craft and compete to be the best, so I do this to be my best.  I hope that this will inspire you to be your best, whatever that is.  It’s amazing how task-oriented we become when it is US we are having to answer to; letting yourself down does not feel good – if you have ever dealt with someone on the other side it’s 10x worse when you ‘hear’ the internal voices.  Reaching a goal is great but it really reinforces the positive feelings and increases motivation when you recognize what you have done – set a goal, committed to the goal, took action, overcame challenges/roadblocks, reached the goal; savoring and holding on to your achievements is the sweet spot between those steps in the goal-setting process and them becoming a habit that will set you up for future success. Today, I give – and accept – my gold medal and stand proudly on the podium – it feels good!



Dealing with an Active Brain

Yesterday I mentioned that I have a creative brain and I know I am not alone; I just had a client who ‘complained’ that her brain never shuts off, particularly at night.  This is causing her a lack of sleep and the beginnings of anxiety over her inability to do so.  It seems that she gets tired but as soon as she lays in bed, her brain becomes awake filling her head with racing thoughts; it seems that no matter how hard she tries she cannot get sleep.  Why is it that for some of us, the brain comes alive at night?

A lot of it has to do with how  cerebral we are; the more cerebral the more active your brain.  Another is how you deal with life issues: if you tend to be a worrier then you will be more susceptible to the brain being overly active.  It can keep you not only awake at night but the physical effects from stress and fatigue are well-documented and can play havoc on your life.  So what to do?

1. Write:  writing down all the tasks you feel you have to do or the problems you have to solve will take them out of your mind and then you won’t ruminate on them.

2. Deep breath:  practicing deep breathing exercises or meditation will help you to feel calmer and more focused, leading to a better night’s sleep (this actually works well anytime)

3. Exercise: any form of exercise, although not too close to bed, will help you to feel more relaxed and calm your brain; walking is very good

Quieting an active brain is challenging, particularly when you don’t want it to be so practicing calming techniques will help you to feel more focused and more in control so you can go do the things it’s telling you to.

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