Day 10 Check-In

First off, Happy TGIF! We are now at Day 10 of the 30-Day Challenge and I wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. Are you making progress? Are you being committed to taking one action per day? Is your challenge becoming a habit and feeling  easier/motivating for you?

This is where it gets tough – new habits can start to wane the longer you go on and the risk occurs of falling back into the old as they feel more comfortable. We are habit creatures so we tend to cope and adapt to one way, which we then becomes part of our daily routine. When we start to form new habits, the body does not ‘like’ the feeling of moving away from the old so it will pull you back to the routinized habit but only if you allow it.

Here are some quick tips to keep moving in forward motion:

  • re-emphasize your goals: this could include rewriting them, assessing them to see if they are Specific-Measurable-Action Oriented-Realistic-Time Limited (SMART). This simple step bounces back the original feelings you had when you started so they become more compelling. On the flip side, rewriting can also tweak them if needed.
  • re-assess your end-goal: does the ultimate end-goal still fill your desire/need/want? Often, motivation can decline if a goal loses its appeal so take time to really evaluate your intention and outcome.
  • re-evaluate your performance over these past 10 days: if the goal was clear and compelling, were the action steps broken down into small, manageable ones; are they motivating or do you look at them and go ‘meh,’ not caring if you do them or not; did you set yourself up to fail by not having good routines for the actions.
  • re-visualize: sit in a quiet place and see yourself at the end – goal reached and feeling accomplished; what is the result, are you smiling, laughing, jumping up and down, clapping, etc. Really see the picture in your mind – this is one of the best ways to follow through and do the work for what you want

And added bonus is to keep those motivational quotes I shared days ago (or ones that are your favorite) in front of you and verbalizing them several times a day as these ‘pump you up.’ I hope these help – I’ll check back in a few days to check on you – you got this!


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