Onboarding Sets the Tone for Job Success

According to a recent finding by the Society of Human Resources (SHRM), 31% of new hires leave their job within the first 6 weeks; one of the main reasons was that the onboarding process was either insufficient or not long enough. How organizations introduce new hires into their culture and set clear expectations for their work tasks will create more success.

New hires, on the other hand, have a responsibility to ensure they get acclimated into the organization. Hopefully, they would have taken the time to ask pertinent questions prior to being hired, but here a few  that can spark conversation and ensure more success:

  • What are ways I can increase the challenges, variety and responsibility in my job?
  • How often will feedback be given and what is the preferred method?
  • How can I help you to make your job easier?
  • Where is the organization heading and what do I need to learn and/or do to help them succeed?

Additionally, here a few other suggestions that can increase your success in the new job:

  • Get to know your coworkers and get their perspective on the job, managerial interactions, the culture, and ways of working as you are acclimating into their space
  • Attend training programs and other offerings to learn more about the organization and become more visible
  • Internally network withing the organization as it can get you information, insights and key people for future opportunities

Onboarding is your entry into the organization – ensure your career begins on a good note by using these suggestions to your advantage.




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