Savoring a Goal Reached (Day 28, #230!)

Well today my blog challenge ends.  To recall, every Olympics I do my own blog challenge to write daily for one month; I always find it so inspiring to see the dedication and commitment those athletes take to hone their craft and compete to be the best, so I do this to be my best.  I hope that this will inspire you to be your best, whatever that is.  It’s amazing how task-oriented we become when it is US we are having to answer to; letting yourself down does not feel good – if you have ever dealt with someone on the other side it’s 10x worse when you ‘hear’ the internal voices.  Reaching a goal is great but it really reinforces the positive feelings and increases motivation when you recognize what you have done – set a goal, committed to the goal, took action, overcame challenges/roadblocks, reached the goal; savoring and holding on to your achievements is the sweet spot between those steps in the goal-setting process and them becoming a habit that will set you up for future success. Today, I give – and accept – my gold medal and stand proudly on the podium – it feels good!




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