Having These Three Competencies Will Ensure Job Success

If you are stumped as to how organizations are hiring or granting promotions, you aren’t alone.  But, there are some formulas they use in judging who is a match for the job and the organization which includes who moves up the ladder.  While each organization has their own system, overall they look at three competencies they would like their workers to have; knowing these can help you to assess where you stand in comparison:

  1. Functional Competencies – these are what you know and are the skills and abilities required to do the job
  2. Core Organizational Competencies – these are more of the soft skills, such as your ability to think independently, to be a good team player, to be ethical, to show up on time, etc.
  3. Leadership Competencies – these are how you do the work and your ability to take charge of the work and those you work with; these differentiate performance at each level in the organization

When you assess your work performance, it’s important to do so for each level; you may possess all the functional skills but may be lacking in one, or more, of the others and you could be missing out on being given more challenging tasks or promotional opportunities. It’s important to ‘check yourself’ and rate how you stack up. It’s never too late to make changes – commit to ensuring you are high on these three competencies which will position you for more job success and a rewarding career.

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