Top Workforce Trends – Current, Future

No matter what role you have in the career management field – be that as a leader, an HR rep, career coach/counselor, an employee, or are looking to make a job transition (now or the future) – there are workplace trends that will have an impact on the the way work is conducted.  Workforce planning and hiring practices will be affected so paying attention to these trends can help you to plan for and better manage your career: (these are issues that I have observed and researched)

  1. Generational Issues – Boomers continuing to work; grooming Millenials to take the ‘reins;’ knowledge management, succession planning
  2. Military transitioning out – job skills, job placement
  3. STEM careers – more focus on careers in one of these fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  4. Advancing technology – job opportunities in helping to develop and manage them; can mean some jobs replaced
  5. A more diverse workforce
  6. Globalization/ global workforce
  7. More focus on social media platforms- finding a job, marketing opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures
  8. Women – gaining in hiring, education, starting their own businesses over men in some industries
  9. Unemployment rates are falling
  10. Rise of contingent workers – more part-time workers, contract positions, consultants
  11. Rise of virtual workers/teams – goes with more global workforce; saves expenses to have employees work at home
  12. Upcoming elections
  13. An increase in the use of online education/training – podcasts, webinars, teleseminars, online degrees,
  14. Health care initiatives – limits hours of part-time workers, impacts what employers can offer
  15. Consumer buying/spending – impacts finances/bottom line which determines job creation, downsizing; job opportunities in business development, marketing & sales, social media/technology

These trends are here to stay; paying attention to them can help you with planning and moving through your own career; it can help organizations to strategically plan and hire appropriately, and you can help direct others who are unsure of their path.  The field of careers is no longer what it used to be – keeping these trends and their impact in mind will position you above the rest no matter what your role.


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