He MadeWhat, Doing What??

If anyone says you only can make doing a job, don’t think of asking a man named Robert, who is a Professional Line Sitter – he’ll sit in the line you don’t want to, such as the DMV or to buy the latest iPhone – and makes $54,000; or how about Janet from California, a Mom blogger, making $150,000 by sharing her expertise to other Moms.

Yes, the second edition of What People Earn report came out and it’s eye-opening and shows how people are earning money (or not). As more and more companies are foregoing keeping long-term workers, there are many more options for people to create their own jobs, some of which can be called ‘on demand’ or contract/freelance work, or create their own companies. I don’t think there is any idea too bizarre or that wouldn’t work IF the marketing and promotion was done in a way that fits ‘right’ for the idea maker.

Take Herman from Baltimore, who has become a Street Corner Astronomer; Herman is 85 years old and invites pedestrians to share his love of stars and planets by looking through his telescope. Whatever Herman is doing – it’s working as he is making money ($6400). It may not sound like a lot but Herman is most likely getting Social Security payments and can’t make a certain income; but he is doing something that is novel and he loves.

Another profile is Jeremy who is an SEO Specialist, making $382,500; he is on the upper end of the scale but has created a profitable business helping businesses to get ranked online and get more traffic. They make more money and so does he. Robert has taken his love of surfing and now teaches others, making $17,000; he says  he loves his job “you get to share in the joy with them {clients}, which is the most rewarding aspect of my job.”

The report does not say how long each of these individuals have been in business, or if this is their full-time work, but I think they are inspirational and pursuing what they love, while taking their knowledge and experience for the greater good. It’s never too late to begin; it all starts with an idea which can easily be researched and worked on. It will soon become a necessity to stay in the workforce on some level.

If you’d like help to determine if your idea can be turned into a business idea, call today for a Complementary Discovery Session to find out.  http://www.cyscoaching.com


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