Celebrating Freedom – Yours

Today is Martin Luther King Day; if you’re off, kudos to you. If you’re working (like I am), kudos to you. This day is about honoring racial diversity, freedom and standing for what you believe in. Freedom can come in many forms but one that we every person needs to honor is their personal freedom.


Personal freedom means honoring you and the diversity that makes you up: your personality, interests, values, beliefs, career, and every other aspect of you. We are all different and diverse, which needs to be recognized. I truly think this is something that is overlooked as we go about our day, as we go about our work or home day. Recognizing the individual differences we each have will go a long way to focusing in on yourself and less on others.

You won’t judge, criticize or compare your life to someone else’s. You will pursue – and value – your ideas, goals and dreams, and will go after them with gusto. You won’t allow someone else to define you or to tell you who how you should act or be. You won’t get into poor relationships to fill you up or stay in ones that are toxic. You will engage in activities and hobbies that you enjoy and aren’t afraid to go after others you had been thinking about.

Personal freedom is so much more and, as you see, it’s about you. For some, this might be a challenge if you tend to focus on others, and their needs, more than your own. For others, you may need to work on learning more about yourself and looking at how you can become the best version of yourself. Once you do, your life will take on a whole new meaning. Your relationships and view will be from a different, more open space. While challenges will arise, you will be able to get through them with more courage and ease.

I challenge you to begin focusing on your personal freedom(s) and working to claim them. You can then chant, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “free at last!”

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