The Future Does NOT Exist

Often in my work, I run across individuals who are very frustrated in their present state. Individuals who want more but don’t think their desires would be possible; individuals who worry about disappointing someone; individuals who worry they will fail. These individuals worry about something that’s happened in the past and are predicting their future.


I have news: the future does NOT exist. It hasn’t happened yet so how can one know what will happen. How can one know that whatever happened in the past will occur again. You can’t. No one knows an outcome for some event that hasn’t happened yet.

This is not to say that a past situation won’t occur again but that would be due either holding on to the event or not learning from it to make corrections. This is not to say that the ‘hunch’ you feel may be a predictor; after all, intuition plays a part in this. If you’ve made an error in your work and now have a feeling you will get in  trouble or, worse, fired, your hunch could be correct. But, you don’t know for sure, which is why the future does not exist.

Our brains have this innate ability to be unable to detect what is real and what is not; our two brains – the conscious and the subconscious – often get mixed up. The conscious brain tends to focus on past events while the subconscious has no sense of time, so the past events we’ve experienced feels as if they just happened. Focusing on past events is what leads to predicting them in the future, causing worry, stress, and staying stuck.

Challenging your thoughts and focusing on the present – what you can control – are what will keep you in the here and now. Stress and worry will ease; you can now plan for what you want to happen in your future, and how you will deal with it. The other part is taking action as this is what stops the predicting. You now will live in the present but in a space that you can control. Planning for the future even in adverse events allows the brain to feel more certain and the fear factor will lie dormant.

The next time you have a worry, begin to challenge the thoughts you have. Focus in on the present and plan, plan, then act to have a positive outlook and life.

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