Chunking Down to Be More Productive

The first couple of weeks have now passed in the new year so my question becomes: “What have you gotten done so far?” How are you doing on those goals you set and work goals given? Do you find yourself still with holiday hangover, trying to get ‘back to business’ and focus on what needs to be done?

One of the best ways to get in action mode is to chunk down your goal and to-do list. If you really look at it (assuming you have one, which you do, right?), how many goals are on it? I see individuals who are great at listing what they want to accomplish but not so much with chunking them down so they seem easier, and more compelling, to work on.

1 (2)

The goals you set, especially if they are very large, i.e. the big audacious goals, can elicit fear, which then is what stops you from starting; the list seems overwhelming on where to start. The subconscious comes alive automatically and then the ‘what if’ questions arise – what if it fails, what if it’s not good enough……

Chunking down means you take a task and break down the steps into small, incremental steps so they seem like no big deal. Chunking somehow allows you to see the beginning, middle and end so you will feel motivated. You will get in ‘the flow’ and get more done. New tasks won’t seem so daunting; you can be open to any ideas and feel excited to get started.

Start today with just one task and break it down into the smallest steps that are manageable for you; list them 1, 2, 3. etc. so you will know exactly where to start. Set a timer and work towards until time is up, then do it again until the task is completed. Cross off completed tasks (in green) so you can see how much you’ve done and to feel accomplished, as this raises your sense of esteem and self-efficacy. Use the power of chunking to become a productivity machine and see better results in your work day.

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