Make the Clock Your Best Friend

Does this sound familiar: you get up in the morning, going through a routine of a good breakfast, some exercise and meditation to get your mindset right. Then you sit down to write your daily goals, feeling very proud of yourself for the list you made.


However, once you get to work you get called into a meeting or stopped by a coworker to chime in on a situation. You stop off at the break room for coffee and engage in more conversation with another coworker. Now you get to to your office, or cube, and see ‘the list.’ But, for some reason, you can’t see which task to focus on, or where to start.

Distractions are a major factor in non-productivity, which falls under the category of disengagement; this number is still high at 67%, costing employers well over $300 billion. Don’t become part of this statistic. The way to more productivity and getting things done is to make the clock your best friend.

No, this does not mean that you become a  clock-watcher. It means using a clock to set a beginning and end time for your tasks, say minimum at 5 minutes and max at 20 minutes. Our brains get tired after that time so this assures that you are still in performance-mode.

Once you set timer, just dig in and work.  If your feel you can do more when it goes off, stop and take a short break; get up and walk around your chair, take some deep breaths, or get a drink to refresh. You can keep increasing your time as you get acclimated to the process. You will then be more productive while managing your time well. Your clock could be a kitchen timer, an alarm clock or one on your phone. Whatever you choose, make it your best friend to get more done.

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