Graduation Day – A Rite of Passage

I am so proud to say that today my daughter is getting pinned as a nurse; this is a special graduation day for her nursing class, of which they all have sweated, cried, and now finally celebrate their passage into the nursing field. But I was a bit dismayed that some of her classmates will not be attending the formal graduation, which is next week. My daughter, who already has a bachelor’s degree and went through that ceremony, was not really seeing the benefit of joining her fellow classmates (she will).


I think this does a big disservice to the work one’s done over the years of study; graduation day is a rite of passage from being a student to being a diploma holder, who is now ready to take on the world. Graduation is a celebration of why you went to school to begin with; not going is not honoring that. It is a way, also, to uplift your classmates and school and honor their teachings. It also honors the people who have supported you along the way, i.e. family, friends, teachers, etc.

As one who teaches in higher education, but online, I haven’t been in the classroom in several years but I still attend the local graduations; I don’t know who the student are but I can see their appreciation and excitement when their professors are there and the traditional ceremony it brings. It formalizes the overall experience.

If you, or perhaps your children, are ready to graduate, I encourage you to attend graduation. Honor  – and celebrate – yourself, and you achievements; you will never get this chance again. Congratulations to all who will reach their milestone this year!

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