Hate Writing – Time to Rethink It

As a professor who teaches online, there is a lot of writing during these type of classes. If you’re not familiar, the online classroom is structured in that the way I get to know if a student is mastering the material is through their writing.

Typically, there are two discussion questions each week along with case study papers, an article review and a major research paper. While most students are okay with this format, there a also a handful who don’t see the value and do the minimum work or complain. They don’t see the point.

My response to them, and to anyone who is working now, that the writing skills you develop will take you far in your career and life. Writing is a critical skill in the workplace – writing reports, proposals, and even emails. I have students – working adults – who have reported back to me great results from their writing experience, one who was able to secure her company a $2 million dollar contract.

If you are taking coursework towards a degree, then I urge you to really put your heart and effort into the assignments you are given; look at the material from an employer’s standpoint: be an analyzer and a problem-solver. Think: “How does this concept apply to my work and what can I do about it?” This helps to think more critically, which is a value-add on, while making the writing easier as you put your analysis on paper.

If you’re not in school, look at free classes through your employer, adult education classes or online. There are a plethora of books you can find at the library or book store to get you started. The more you write, the better you become, but it does take the mindset of looking at the benefits versus any negative thoughts. Keep the end-user/reader in mind as this also keeps the motivation and the words flowing. Want to convey your value to an employer? Then write on!

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