A Letter to Self: Motivate Your Desires

One of the ways to motivate your dreams and desires is to write a letter to yourself that you date for a year from now (it could also be three or six months). This is a great way to dream big and set the stage for how you would like your life to look at this time next year. Think of it – you are speaking on a big stage, driving a new car, owning your own business, or that new VP position you’ve been working for.

It is very exciting to create the life you want, as well as motivating to see your life play out exactly as you want it to be. I did this exact exercise a year ago while at a meeting I was attending, and just received the letter in the mail. Now, while I think this is a great exercise, I think there are some errors with the process:

  • I think the setting is important to where you write the letter – the meeting I attended was a first-time for me so, looking back, I did the exercise out of what the speaker’s agenda/activity was and not necessarily where I might have done this exercise as the restaurant was loud with a lot of activity going on. For some, this works but didn’t for me.
  • I think the essence of time is important – I would normally take some time to sit and think about my desires, perhaps while walking or sitting with a journal to allow an openness of thought and ideas. I’m not negating that when we are pressed for time we can come up with some great ideas and solutions. Whichever way works for you, go for it.
  • I think the writing needs to be reinforced – it took a whole year for me to remember that I wrote the letter; in fact, I was questioning who the letter was from, even though my name was both the sender and receiver (lol). Considering this exercise, I wish I had written the date I wrote the letter or, better yet, rewrote what I put into the letter. I think it would have helped me to look at them and work to act on them. The subliminal manifesting didn’t work for me ( but it can for you).

I more than likely will do this exercise again, but will play it smarter this time; I’ll follow the advice I’m giving you but pay more attention to my life. I think this time I’ll not just list all business activities (which I did) – I’ll pay attention to my personal time and to doing for others. Manifesting your life is possible if done correctly but you have to give yourself the lift it needs. What will your life look like next December?

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