Believing You Can Gets You Everthing

“In order to succeed, we must first believe we can.” (Nickos Kazantakis)

Our thoughts and beliefs dictate the direction in our lives, which is why so much focus is placed on mindset, overcoming fears, undoing negative thoughts, and a host of other issues related to thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Change a thought you will act in whichever way that thought is going: think a positive thought, you will feel happier and can see more possibilities in your world; think a negative thought and you will only see darkness and bleakness around you.

Changing a thought is relatively easy – it’s changing a belief that is the impossible – or so it seems. When you have a belief that is causing you pain, isn’t it time to do something about it? As the saying above says, you need to have the belief that you can overcome a negative, move forward on a positive, or be the best version of you.

  1. write down what your vision of success looks like to you – what specific actions are you taking, what outcomes have you achieved, how much money are you making, what is the status of your relationships. Being specific as you can opens the door to their possibility, as well as many others
  2. visualize them – the visual field is our most powerful sense we have so use it to its fullest. Create a vision board or put a picture of what you want somewhere where you can see it; this gets into those deep parts of your brain which motivates the brain to take action
  3. affirm them – saying what you want, and repeating it, gets into the brain as well since what we hear is magnified in our own voices; repeating out loud, or writing, short statements such as “I am a success”  “I am happy” or “I own my world” will have you believing them soon

These steps, if done consistently, will change your negative beliefs and habits. You can let go of any bad experiences in your past and create newer and better ones. You can be the success you want to be. Start today and watch your life change.

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