What’s on My Wish List

I don’t normally make a wish list for Christmas but this year, I am; these are what I would like to see from an organizational and workplace perspective as I think we would be back to having happier employees as well as fiscally sound organizations:

I wish:
1. That leaders of organizations would pay attention to the mental and emotional health of their workers, as the toll is over $650 billion dollars in lost revenue. This money could go to paying high wages or benefits
2. That leaders would be more transformational and use the strengths of their workers to do the work they hire them to do; ‘give a man a fishing pole and he’ll figure out the way to fish’
4. That organizations would develop leaders they put into those roles; just because you’re a good worker does not mean you will be a good leader without some further training or coaching
3. That leaders would also bring happiness back into the workplace, recognizing that when people are happier they will gladly dig in and get the work done
4. That workers will take responsibility for the work they do; it’s not the boss’s, the organizations, or anyone else’s responsibility for what happens in your career – it’s each individuals; paying attention to your career path will lead to more success
5. That the field of organizational behavior (OB) will be promoted more – everything centers around mindset and behaviors so having a deeper understanding of all that goes into OB will go a long way to better awareness and understanding areas, such as communication, conflict management, culture, negotiation, leadership, and motivation; it will also lead to higher performance and better relationships across the board

I have a more but I think these are a start to creating cohesive and more inviting workplaces. I think there are actions from both organizations and workers that need to be done to create the environments people want to be in. It starts with each of us doing out part. Let’s make 2016 a better year  – that’s my wish.

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