Why Seeing Leads To Believing (Day 30)

Are you aware that your visual sense is your most powerful? I’ve written before on using the visual field to create goals or actions you want to do. We’ve often heard the saying “Seeing is believing.” However, that is not necessarily true. Just because we see something does not mean we automatically accept it. Otherwise, there would be no conflict of any type.

I don’t think we automatically accept anything in our view path, especially when it comes to habits, goals, dreams; of course we can create the pictures in our minds and feel very excited about them but when it comes to fulfilling them, that is another story. When we do crate those images, if they are important to sue then we can start to believe we can achieve them. Seeing leads to believing.


On this final day of the 30-day blog challenge I’ve been participating in, I have see fellow bloggers – who have never done so before – reach this final goal. Although not all may have done so, they still had a vision for what they wanted to accomplish in this challenge; I have seen others get better at their writing as they’ve seen others who are writing daily, which has led them to believe they can, also. And they have.

That is the beauty of using visualization = it’s free, it’s easy but yet it’s powerful. When you repeatedly see yourself in action, the more excited you will be and the more adept you will be in the skill you create. For instance, for this challenge I sat every morning and set a daily practice/intention: I set the scene and ‘watched’ myself opening the computer, going to the administration page and opening a new blog page; in order to find come up with ideas for me, the best way is to look at problems, issues, or news that I hear as they relate to my focus of which I had to see them in my mind. I then would ‘see’ the words flowing while my fingers typed away until done.

This has gotten me through this challenge which the steps can work for you, too. Just because you’ve seen something doesn’t mean it is real or will happen but, the more you see, the clearer the goal and the easier it becomes. Kudos to my fellow bloggers for following through on this challenge. I have done these before and know it won’t be my last, and I hope it won’t be yours, either.

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