Rate Your Mood Daily to Succeed

I often hear from clients who are struggling with their career or their business (and sometimes, their life) who get caught in the trap of only seeing the negatives: ‘No one is calling me for an interview’, ‘I can’t get clients’ or ‘I’ll never be happy.’ The end result are feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety and sometimes deep sadness. While these statements may be true, thinking them elicits the feelings I just mentioned.

I find that one way to get out of the trap is to rate your mood on a daily basis. Just as you would rate your mood in a food journal (why are you reaching for that piece of cake), your moods can indicate a lack of progress in our everyday life. I usually find, in questioning clients, that all is not bad, or the end of the earth as some may complain. In order to ‘see’ the good and the possibilities, we do have to elevate our emotional level. Just as fish may not ‘see’ the ocean they swim in, humans do not often ‘see’ the good in their environment.

This is a very easy ‘exercise’ for your brain; the more you are aware of when and how your moods are occurring, the easier it will be to deal with them. Tracking progress daily will keep you more aware of events in your day, habits you’ve developed that can lead to them (cake, anyone?), and lets you learn how to more effectively deal with them. Seeing you are more on track will stop the victimhood of ‘poor me’ and allows you to see that you are more of a hero than you thought. Now, you can keep building on the good days to success.

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