Learn From Your Success(es)

We can learn from our mistakes, but it’s better to learn from our successes”    Donald Trump
As we go along in life, we are (or should be) doing activities that are leading us to where we want to go.  But, along the way, mistakes will be made – not following through on set tasks, allowing fears to rule, or not listening to that little voice inside. These mistakes can feel like defeat and lead one to give up the pursuit of goals and dreams.
I will tell you that it is OK to make mistakes along the way – as long as you are recognizing and learning from them.  The object is not to repeat them.  When you analyze a mistake, or misstep, it can give you the ability to:
1. look at how and why you came to the decision to either move forward or not follow through
2. recognize your style of making decisions, thinking creatively, or your frame of mind
But a more effective step is to look at what you did right during the process.  Recognizing your effective actions will become empowering and lead you to repeat them again and again.  It can lead to you to focusing on your successes as opposed to your perceived failures.  The key is to take this knowledge and rework those steps into more doable and motivating steps so you can succeed from this day forward.  
(Note:  using your visualizations of past successes will embed them more deeply in your mind)
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