Developing Your Leadership Skills

Leadership is a critical part of an organizations success; they are the ones who create the vision, who motivate employees to carry out the work, and to set the tone for the culture which carries the organization. I often wonder, however, how many in leadership positions (also for those who aim to be leaders) actually take time to identify and determine the type of leader they aspire to be.


No matter what capacity we are in, whether in our personal or our professional life, we assume a position of leadership. Leadership does not come easily, however. It is a hard job but can be fulfilling, and it can make a difference to both employees and to the success of the organization.

If you are in a leader role, or you desire to be, here are some questions to develop your leadership point of view, according to Ken Blanchard (1999):

  1. Who are the influencers (leaders) in your life?
  2. Think of your life purpose – why are you here and what do you want to accomplish?
  3. Which of your core values will guide your behavior as you attempt to live your life ‘on purpose?’
  4. Given what you’ve learned from past leaders, your life purpose and your core values, what are your beliefs about leading and motivating people?
  5. What can you expect from your people?
  6. What do you expect from your people?
  7. How will you set an example for your people?

Developing a leadership point of view takes time; be sure to really dig deep in self-assessment and in developing your skills, so you can be the type of leader others want to follow. As Ken Blanchard says, “Be a leader who make a positive difference – people are counting on you.”


2 Replies to “Developing Your Leadership Skills”

  1. Sometimes there is a misconception that leadership is a position in an organization. In fact, leadership is a way of being, and of being with other people. There is a very private side to leadership – who you are as a person in a deep and profound way. After you have your private work done, then there is a public side to leadership – and that is to bring your best self into the service of others.


    1. Great insights; I truly believe that most in these roles don’t define the type of leader they want to be or ‘fine-tune’ those skills that enhance their leader role. We also have to look at how the organization views this role that will also set a tone for the leader. If they value the role, then I think the person can step into the role more fully and bring their best self, as you mentioned. Thanks again for your insights!


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