Taking on Challenging Projects Gets You Noticed


If you want to move ahead in your career, one of the best ways is to take on more challenging projects. Doing so will get you noticed by higher ups, as well as your peers, plus it can help to increase your brand.

Utilizing your skills and talents to help your organization reach their goals, and be successful, hones those skills while increasing self-confidence. It puts you in the category of ‘high performers;’ these are the talent pool that companies identify and invest in for succession planning and rising to those higher positions.

Here are three steps you can take:

  1. Observe – keep your eye on the direction the company is taking and challenges they face – look at work projects they are focusing on so you can decide which fit with your skill-set
  2. Raise your hand – don’t be afraid to volunteer for projects or to see how you can help out on the workload. This shows initiative and can help you stand out
  3. Develop and nurture relationships – relationships are the key to others getting to know you, which then can lead to support for your efforts and future movements in the organization

Don’t be afraid to step up – but not on others – to get known and showcase your talents. Good leaders stay in their own lane and lead authentically. Start by helping and doing more work, doing it well, and keeping the focus on ensuring your organization succeeds. By doing so, you will succeed.

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2 Replies to “Taking on Challenging Projects Gets You Noticed”

  1. Taking on challenging projects – absolutely. There is a caveat, however, and that is not to neglect your core responsibilities while you seek to shine. Shining in your designated role is the first priority, and need, that your organization has for you. Your first job is to knock that one out of the park. Then, get to work on the extra stuff.


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