The ‘Death’ of My Website


A little over a month ago, I reported that my website got ‘hacked;’ someone from another country, whose “job” I’m told is to get into devices (websites, transaction machines, bank accounts, etc.) and create havoc. In my case, this person (or whoever they are) redirected my site to a pharmacy and would not leave me alone.

It continued for a over a week but, with the help of of a good web tech, plus installing another anti-virus program, it seemed to stop….until yesterday when I was notified by someone who tried to go to my site and  it said it was infected. I had had enough.

It seems these hackers today are so savvy now and relentless in their pursuit. I had no other option but to shut it down – it was too encrypted to save. Yesterday was the day my website ‘died.’

As silly as it may seem, I am struggling with this. I spent a lot of money on the site but it was more of my brand and identity that are gone – at least for the present moment. I now will be in rebuilding phase of a new site and it does give me the opportunity to make enhancements to it, something I had been wanting to do.

A few lessons learned so you take heed:

  • always protect your data – backup often
  • keep track of your traffic and numbers; Google yourself/your company often and see what’s coming up
  • do regular checks on your backends, as well as passwords
  • if something seems suspicious, it probably is
  • don’t think it can’t happen to you

This was a hard lesson to learn, as this is actually the second time this has happened to me – the last was back in 2010. Why I’ve been targeted I don’t know; I’m not one of the ‘big fish’ but they have been able to find me; I can look at this as an upside in that I’m out there enough to be found. I also don’t look at this as ‘they won’ as they now don’t have me to make money off of; unfortunately, it means they will set their sights on someone else. Don’t let it be you.

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