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What Transformations Will You Make in the Second Quarter?

This is the last month of March and the first quarter of the year; wow, how time does fly. So, what transformations will you make in these next quarter of the year? April is right around the corner so this is timely. Getting a head start, if you haven’t yet, will get your feet on the ground – you’ll be in mode to take some massive action, not wondering – as most will – what should you be doing each day.

I’ve pulled out my past planning to share some tips with you to help you get started; whether you are in your own business or an employee, setting good goals and having plans to reach them will set you in a great position for fantastic results:

  • Review old goals you’ve been working on – how close are you to reaching them? Which, if any, did you accomplish? What did you do to reach them? What are your new goal(s) you’d like to reach by June 30?
  • Write new goals – visualize as you write new goals, seeing each and every detail so your brain will be more motivated and do the work needed. Either write SMART ones or, start at the end using Everest goals. Be sure they are as specific as possible
  • What specific steps are needed? – take each goal and break it down into very specific, actionable steps for what you will do each day you work. Look at money or resources needed in the process, as well as time it will take for each task. Put these in your calendar or white board so there will be no confusion on how to proceed
  • Have metrics and rewards – have ways to track your progress, daily, weekly, and monthly; you want to ensure that the work you are doing is getting you desired results. Be sure to add a reward of some type, which makes the work more compelling to do

That’s the system I’m using; you don’t have to follow it exactly and can make it your own. Just take some time this week to use them and get started to transform your career (and life) to get higher results and play a bigger game.

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It’s the End/Beginning of the Month – Time to Review & Plan

So here we are on this last day of November – how did it go? This is a pivotal question to answer as it can help you to move forward to tomorrow, which begins another new month. When I start this way with clients, they are always confused with this step first: “shouldn’t we set goals first?” ‘aren’t we supposed to set new goals first?”

While planning involves setting new goals, I don’t believe you can move forward with knowing how things have been first. If you were planning to take a trip, you wouldn’t just pick a location, get in the car and drive off; you would have to get a map or GPS, research the location for how long it would take, where to stay while there and what to do once you are; you’d have to pack appropriate clothes and ensure you have enough money, etc. When looking at goals, there are many components that go into thinking and setting them, in addition to acting on them – the review is the best place to start.

The benefits of reviewing the past weeks include: seeing your wins and what has worked well; seeing the challenges and what has not worked or gone well; finding opportunities either you took advantage of or you missed and why; contacts you’ve made; meetings you’ve attended; projects you’ve worked on – successfully or not; money you made or lost. Depending on your situation – working, not working, or small business owner your review categories may vary but I think you get the overall picture in order to determine your life over these past 30 days.

Armed with this valuable information, you can now look at: the wins so you can continue on; the losses so you don’t make the same mistake; people you’ve met or connected with so you can nurture those relationships; the projects or work you’ve done so you can set the bar for yourself to keep achieving and doing good work; set your money goals for both saving it/budgeting or how much you want to make. These will be the basis for goals you set but now you will be armed with ‘good’ information so your goals will be more manageable and powerful. December can be your best month ever!

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I’m in Planning Mode – Are You?

Today is day 28 of my blog challenge and I’m on track for the countdown to 30 (actually 31 this month).  As it is the end of the month, I’m now in planning mode for setting goals for the month of September, as well as for the remainder of this year.  We only have four months and then we will be looking at 2013.  Wow!

If you haven’t been in awareness mode, then hopefully this post will be your wake-up call for you to get in planning mode.  You might have unfinished business – goals that you haven’t completed or may be working on now; this is the perfect time to get refocused and plan them in your daily “To Do” list.  You don’t have to complete them all in the next month so you can stretch them out.  Since the new year is only four months away, this is a great time to plan out new goals or plans.  If the new plans entail a new job, a move, going back to school, or even losing weight, you need to do some research and planning for how you will go about making these transitions.

This is the state I’m currently in – planning mode.  I am taking time to review how the last eight months have been for both my business goals as well as for my personal life.  I am making changes, looking at new directions, and seeing what resources I might need to support them.  Planning takes time, at least for my long-range goals; but making goals for September just takes a quick assessment of my August calendar and what I’ve completed and what I haven’t.  I am assessing what I allowed to get in the way of the ones that I didn’t get done or are incomplete.  Some I have to let go of and some I am continuing.   I tell you my story so you may take the lead and begin your own planning.

Doing so now will help you to be more prepared to take action, both mentally and emotionally.  You will have  time to make preparations and up your motivation – both of these lead to readiness to take massive action when the time comes.  I like to mind-map my plans but use whatever works for you.  Just remember that planning is the key to doing and to a successful outcome.

Career Planning – Strategies that Help you Move to Your Dream Career

In the process  of effective career management, one step entails career planning. These are specific strategies to take that will lead you to a fulfilling career path. It is one thing to plan and to have a goal, which we talked about the last time. But without specific steps to take, the goal becomes nothing more than a dream – an unfulfilled dream.

In career planning, there should be specific strategies you will use to get you to your goal. As in self-assessment, you need to assess and investigate a particular job or career you are interested in. This means researching it fully. This can involve:

  •  the type of schooling or certifications needed; how long can this take and how much money it may cost; what will be the return on investment for your present job or to progress within you company or industry
  • the state of the industry – is there hiring going on (as opposed to layoffs), it is a saturated market; for example, this may not be the best time to become a real estate agent due to the depressed market
  • the pay scales for the job/industry
  •  businesses that hire for the job; investigating these organizations and their hiring procedures. Talk to friends or family that may work in these organizaions, or can direct you to someone who does. Get first-hand knowledge
  • a written plan with time-frames.

One step that I find most people don’t consider is to evaluate their preferred work environment. This means looking at the type of environment you prefer to work in or do your best in; do you like to work in-doors or out; do you like to be able to move around or are you satisfied with sitting at a desk or cubicle all day; do you like “action” or prefer a quieter environment. These all impact our level of satsifaction and involvement with both the job and the organization and are an important part of effective career planning.

Other steps to take in career planning may include attending career planning classes or workshops, self-help books, or working with a career coach. The key to effective career planning is to strategize and continually review those strategies, which helps you keep ‘your eye on the dream’.

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