What Transformations Will You Make in the Second Quarter?

This is the last month of March and the first quarter of the year; wow, how time does fly. So, what transformations will you make in these next quarter of the year? April is right around the corner so this is timely. Getting a head start, if you haven’t yet, will get your feet on the ground – you’ll be in mode to take some massive action, not wondering – as most will – what should you be doing each day.

I’ve pulled out my past planning to share some tips with you to help you get started; whether you are in your own business or an employee, setting good goals and having plans to reach them will set you in a great position for fantastic results:

  • Review old goals you’ve been working on – how close are you to reaching them? Which, if any, did you accomplish? What did you do to reach them? What are your new goal(s) you’d like to reach by June 30?
  • Write new goals – visualize as you write new goals, seeing each and every detail so your brain will be more motivated and do the work needed. Either write SMART ones or, start at the end using Everest goals. Be sure they are as specific as possible
  • What specific steps are needed? – take each goal and break it down into very specific, actionable steps for what you will do each day you work. Look at money or resources needed in the process, as well as time it will take for each task. Put these in your calendar or white board so there will be no confusion on how to proceed
  • Have metrics and rewards – have ways to track your progress, daily, weekly, and monthly; you want to ensure that the work you are doing is getting you desired results. Be sure to add a reward of some type, which makes the work more compelling to do

That’s the system I’m using; you don’t have to follow it exactly and can make it your own. Just take some time this week to use them and get started to transform your career (and life) to get higher results and play a bigger game.

If you’re ready to play a bigger game and transform your career, let’s talk! Contact us at http://www.cyscoaching.com today.


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