It’s the End/Beginning of the Month – Time to Review & Plan

So here we are on this last day of November – how did it go? This is a pivotal question to answer as it can help you to move forward to tomorrow, which begins another new month. When I start this way with clients, they are always confused with this step first: “shouldn’t we set goals first?” ‘aren’t we supposed to set new goals first?”

While planning involves setting new goals, I don’t believe you can move forward with knowing how things have been first. If you were planning to take a trip, you wouldn’t just pick a location, get in the car and drive off; you would have to get a map or GPS, research the location for how long it would take, where to stay while there and what to do once you are; you’d have to pack appropriate clothes and ensure you have enough money, etc. When looking at goals, there are many components that go into thinking and setting them, in addition to acting on them – the review is the best place to start.

The benefits of reviewing the past weeks include: seeing your wins and what has worked well; seeing the challenges and what has not worked or gone well; finding opportunities either you took advantage of or you missed and why; contacts you’ve made; meetings you’ve attended; projects you’ve worked on – successfully or not; money you made or lost. Depending on your situation – working, not working, or small business owner your review categories may vary but I think you get the overall picture in order to determine your life over these past 30 days.

Armed with this valuable information, you can now look at: the wins so you can continue on; the losses so you don’t make the same mistake; people you’ve met or connected with so you can nurture those relationships; the projects or work you’ve done so you can set the bar for yourself to keep achieving and doing good work; set your money goals for both saving it/budgeting or how much you want to make. These will be the basis for goals you set but now you will be armed with ‘good’ information so your goals will be more manageable and powerful. December can be your best month ever!

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