I’m in Planning Mode – Are You?

Today is day 28 of my blog challenge and I’m on track for the countdown to 30 (actually 31 this month).  As it is the end of the month, I’m now in planning mode for setting goals for the month of September, as well as for the remainder of this year.  We only have four months and then we will be looking at 2013.  Wow!

If you haven’t been in awareness mode, then hopefully this post will be your wake-up call for you to get in planning mode.  You might have unfinished business – goals that you haven’t completed or may be working on now; this is the perfect time to get refocused and plan them in your daily “To Do” list.  You don’t have to complete them all in the next month so you can stretch them out.  Since the new year is only four months away, this is a great time to plan out new goals or plans.  If the new plans entail a new job, a move, going back to school, or even losing weight, you need to do some research and planning for how you will go about making these transitions.

This is the state I’m currently in – planning mode.  I am taking time to review how the last eight months have been for both my business goals as well as for my personal life.  I am making changes, looking at new directions, and seeing what resources I might need to support them.  Planning takes time, at least for my long-range goals; but making goals for September just takes a quick assessment of my August calendar and what I’ve completed and what I haven’t.  I am assessing what I allowed to get in the way of the ones that I didn’t get done or are incomplete.  Some I have to let go of and some I am continuing.   I tell you my story so you may take the lead and begin your own planning.

Doing so now will help you to be more prepared to take action, both mentally and emotionally.  You will have  time to make preparations and up your motivation – both of these lead to readiness to take massive action when the time comes.  I like to mind-map my plans but use whatever works for you.  Just remember that planning is the key to doing and to a successful outcome.


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