5 Life Goals You Need to Make Today

As we are winding down towards the end of the year, goal setting should be huge focus for you – you want to start 2021 off right, don’t you?

We often think of goals in terms of goals or losing weight; while those should be on your list, make this year one where you focus on your self-development and mindset. These will help you to live a better live overall, not to mention the goals in all other areas you desire.

If you want a better career, relationship, more money, be healthier, self-fulfillment is the path to achieving them. You can’t move up the ladder or be healthier if you have a fixed mindset. Making you a priority is the key to success.

 Here are 5 goals to strive towards every day:

#1: True Happiness

Happiness is not really a destination as much as it is a state of mind. A billionaire could be miserable about what they don’t have, while a homeless dude could be happy to score a hot shower and a cooked meal at the local shelter.

Happiness is an internal job – it’s all about perspective. While goals relating to tangible things, like money, can prove unsatisfying as money is a motivator to a certain point. The search for genuine happiness is one that will help you gain a more fulfilled and serene life. Define what happiness means to you to know what you’re reaching for; don’t be surprised, however, if you discover that you already have it. Gratitude is one way to finding and keeping your happiness.

#2: Integrity

From business to interpersonal relationships, when you live life with honesty and commitment to ethical values, you’ll find that a rewarding sense of wholeness awaits you. Integrity is a goal that will help you feel like you’re making the world a better place with your presence.

Live by your words and let your actions reflect them to maintain your integrity

#3: Fulfillment

You can plug away at a nine-to-five job until you retire, but chances are that’s not going to make you live life to the fullest. You’ll be one of those faceless people in the crowd who live for the weekend—then trudge back to work.

Instead, reflect on who you are, your strengths, your desires, and act accordingly. Whether it’s learning to find meaning at work, a career path that challenges you, or engaging with some satisfying hobbies, fulfillment in life is a great goal. Do what makes you happy and lifts your soul.

#4: Connection

Human beings are social creatures, so forging good relationships is the key to thriving and feeling happy. Family, professional, and personal relationships are all crucial components to providing a sense of connectedness with the rest of humanity—so make good friendships and foster existing links with family.

Covid has led to connecting more challenging; however, the internet has made meeting people easier. Getting in groups, such as on Facebook, LinkedIn or Meetup, gets you connecting with like-minded people where you can have great conversations. Zoom or other platforms gives us the opportunity to see other people to enhance connectedness.

At the same time, relationships do need boundaries, so learning how to create healthy interactions is also crucial for developing your sense of identity. Don’t let the ‘fence’ come down so you want to keep those relationships strong.

#5: Self-Worth

Nobody can be successful in life if they’re down in the dumps, so fostering a sense of self-worth is an esteemed goal that every person should pursue. There are many simple ways to do this—for example, treating yourself with dignity and being as nice to you as you are to others.

Other ways to increase your sense of self-worth include: eating well, getting enough sleep, practicing good health, recognizing your strengths and value (write your achievements daily), and practicing positive self-talk.

Education is also a key component to developing a sense of worth, because with that knowledge comes better opportunities a sense of security. Read books on personal development, listen to podcasts, watch motivational movies or Tedtalks.

These goals should be a daily ritual as they will lead to having a more fulfilled life. You will then have the confidence to move ahead, no matter what the challenge.

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